“We Both Know” by Sabrina Carpenter & Joshua Bassett

“We Both Know” is a bit more lyrically complex than it may appear on the surface. But basically, what the title alludes to is the vocalists recognizing that they have fallen in love, even though they did not necessarily intend to. Indeed the lyrics read as if, after romancing, the two of them had gone their separate ways. But in doing so, somewhat to their dismay, they also realized just how much they care about each other. And as such they appear to give in to the idea of once again hooking up, this time for the long term.

Facts about “We Both Know”

This song was written by actor/musician Joshua Bassett and singer Sabrina Carpenter, and they registered the tune in 2020. At the time it became widely known to the public, in mid-January 2021, it has yet to be officially released.

The reason the public took such notice of this seemingly obscure track is because as of mid-January 2021 the entertainment world is enduring what is referred to as the Olivia Rodrigo/Joshua Bassett/Sabrina Carpenter “love triangle”. In other words, there is a popular rumor that Carpenter and Bassett are dating, with Rodrigo being the third wheel in the equation, so to speak.  More importantly Olivia actually dropped a hit song, Drivers License, earlier in the month which is believed to speak to the matter. Subsequently Josh also released a track, “Lies Lies Lies”, which many feel may also be related.

The Love Triangle between Olivia, Bassett and Carpenter

Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song, “Drivers License” not only caused a stir on the internet and music charts within the first week of its release but seemed to be the stimulant for rumors of a love triangle between herself, Joshua Bassett and actress Sabrina Carpenter.

Josh and Olivia co-starred in High School Musical: The Musical, playing the role of on-screen couple, Ricky and Nini, while Sabrina happens to be a fellow Disney alumni, who featured in Girl Meets World. Although neither of them have confirmed a relationship, fans speculated that Olivia and Josh had been dating in 2020. This speculation was based on a video in which Olivia mentioned how she went on an unforgettable trip with Joshua and drove with him for the first time. Most of their Disney fans took it seriously and assumed they had split during summer of 2020, since Olivia posted a TikTok video with a caption about “a failed relationship”

Fast forward to a few months and Josh was pictured having lunch with Sabrina Carpenter. They were later spotted attending a Halloween bash, dressed up as Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Again, fans suspected that Joshua and Sabrina had started something.

Now the clue most fans are basing this love triangle rumor on is clearly etched in the lyrics of “Drivers License“. Olivia sings about a past lover who she believes is probably with an older blonde girl who makes her feel insecure. When the song was teased on Instagram, the lyric initially referenced a brunette girl, yet when the song was released, it read, ‘blonde girl’. Fans are confident that they are guessing right because Sabrina is four years older than Olivia, she is blonde and has been seen with Josh (Olivia’s rumored ex-boyfriend).

Olivia’s song has since topped music charts surpassing the likes of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. There’s no doubt that Drivers License is centered on the singer’s past relationship. Until there’s confirmation from either stars however, it appears fans are convinced that this love triangle may be one of the most intriguing in 2021.

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