“Skin” by Sabrina Carpenter

This song has gone viral upon its release as it appears to be part of the popularly-hypothesized love triangle between singer Sabrina Carpenter, actor Joshua Bassett and actress Olivia Rodrigo. This is an episode which we have expounded on at least twice in the past. It was sparked by Rodrigo’s own track, Drivers License, which came out earlier in January 2021 and itself proved to be wildly popular. Then Bassett capitalized on the trend by conveniently dropping his own track, Lie Lie Lie, which he had been sitting on for about a year. And now Sabrina Carpenter has come out with her own tune, Skin

And for the record this love triangle has never been verified by either artist and has even been downplayed by Rodrigo. But again, the scandal is selling records and trending on social media, so we probably haven’t heard the last of it.

Neither Rodrigo’s Drivers License, Bassett’s Lie Lie Lie nor this particular song feature any actual namedropping. But as with Rodrigo’s outing, Skin is laced with lyrical clues which somewhat conclusively point to the idea that Carpenter is in fact addressing Olivia and indeed Drivers License itself.   

And overall, what the vocalist is saying is that the person she is singing about is making a conscientious effort to ‘get under her skin’, as in irritate her. She also puts forth that the issue between them is in fact based on a mutual romantic interest that prefers the singer over her rival. So hypothetically, we can say that Carpenter is taunting Rodrigo for winning out on the Joshua Bassett sweepstakes. But more to the point arguably is her disgust, so to speak, concerning Rodrigo’s behavior. Indeed she is looking forward to the day when the ladies, in their maturity, can look back on this whole fiasco and “laugh about it”. 

But for the time being, keep in mind for instance that just one day after its release Skin has almost three times as many views (on Genius) as any other track Sabrina Carpenter has ever put out during her six-year music career. So still, we likely haven’t heard the last of this matter.

Did Sabrina Carpenter write “Skin”?

Sabrina co-wrote this song with Tia Scola and the track’s producer, Ryan McMahon. And it was released by Island Records on 22 January 2021, apparently serving as the lead single from the songstress’s forthcoming fifth album.

Is Sabrina Carpenter really dating Joshua Bassett?

For all we know Sabrina and Joshua aren’t even dating, as even up ’til the release of this song they have yet to confirm such. However, it is still pretty obvious, all things considered, that Bassett’s friendship with Carpenter is stronger than the one he has with his High School Musical co-star Olivia Rodrigo.

Lyrics of "Skin"

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