“Limbo” by Freddie Dredd

In a way Freddie Dredd’s “Limbo” song is even more metaphorical than your average rap, with most of said symbolism being related to the addressee being dead or in hell or what have you. It is not specified as to why Freddie is wishing for this person to die and subsequently reside in “limbo”. 

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But what can be gathered is that the addressee is obviously an enemy. He apparently hates this person to the core. Furthermore it is also such that the vocalist is looking down on this individual.

So in an attempt to explain what’s being put forth more comprehensively, let’s say that the addressee, at least under the estimation of the vocalist, is going through some type of difficult time in his life. And their relationship is such that Dredd is actually encouraging his demise in the process. 

Again, the source of animosity between them is never revealed. But in terms of his disposition, Freddie does proceed to sorta present himself as being a macabre type of guy in general.

Lyrics of Freddie Dredd's "Limbo"

Who is Freddie Dredd?

Freddie Dredd is a semi-notable hip-hop musician from Canada. On of his most-popular works thus far is a 2019 track titled “GTG” which has been streamed over 170 million times on Spotify as of this writing. 

That said, apparently he has yet to prove distinguished enough to gain global stardom proper. But in addition to Doomshop Records, “Limbo” is also backed by industry titan Republic Records. 

As of the release of “Limbo”, Dredd is 25 and has been in the game for about five years.

Release of “Limbo”

On the 11th of August 2022, this song was officially unveiled as a single.

“Limbo” Credits

Freddie is recognized as the sole writer of “Limbo”. He also produced it under his “Ryan C.” moniker.


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  1. rocky says:

    I’m listening to the song while I read this.

  2. Na says:

    Hell yeah

  3. JackTheJust says:

    I think this song is brilliant. I have read Dante’s Inferno, and I can tell that this song has many references to it. “Nine more layers than this hell is packin'” refers to there being a Vestibule, as well as nine different layers in Dante’s vision of Hell. “Stuck in the f-ing darkness and it’s cold at heart;” one usually thinks of Hell as being a hot, burning place, but in the Inferno, the final and worst layer which Satan resides is frozen over. I disagree with this article in that the singer wants the person they are speaking to to be in Limbo, rather the speaker seems to suggest that they are in the top (layer) of Limbo and that he feels lucky that he isn’t who he is speaking to, who is in a lower (worse) layer of Hell. To top it off, I believe that is a subtle self-complement, because Limbo was only for the greatest poets and philosophers who didn’t have the faith.

  4. JackTheJust says:

    Bro i think my comment was too long it didn’t work

  5. Anonymous says:

    The power this song makes me feel>>>

  6. Anonymous says:

    i thought that this song’s meaning was for people in depression to get their shit together and become something

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