“All of the Girls” by Taylor Swift

For starters, “All of the Girls” has yet, if ever, to be officially released. This song actually became known to the general public when it began leaking, alongside another track called “Need”, in early 2020. And as reported it was intended to be included on “Lover”, the studio album Swift dropped in 2019, which was her first under Republic Records.

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So finally, roughly three years after “All of the Girls” was first made public, further snippets were made available in February of 2023, and it was finally leaked in full early the following month. And the song swiftly proceeded to go viral.

This leakage also comes supported by facts, such as Taylor Swift being the author of this song, with its producers being Ging (aka Frank Dukes) and Louis Bell, both of whom were involved with the creation of “Lover”.


It’s petty common that we come across romantic songs which are premised on both parties involved having endured their fair share of heartbreak beforehand. Almost invariably, that backdrop is presented as having some type of detrimental effect on the relationship at hand. 

But in this case, Taylor is rather celebrating the addressee’s less-than-ideal, playa-like romantic history, as well as appearing cool with the fact that apparently he’s even dating someone else at this very moment. 

That’s because the way she sees it, “all of the girls” which define his romantic history are what makes them compatible.

The vocalist’s own past has been highlighted by “crying… for some dude whose name” she can no longer remember. So it’s as if fate has brought her and the addressee together through an unconventional way, i.e. success romantic ultimately being achieved through a series of failures.

Or as specifically relayed, Swift feels as if having such mutual histories makes them compatible, as if her sweetheart’s girlfriends have fashioned him into the perfect lover for her. But that said, she is now looking forward to herself and the addressee henceforth enjoying a romance akin to a long-term relationship.

“All of the girls you’ve loved before (Ooh)
Made you the one I’ve fallen for
Every dead-end street led you straight to me
Now, you’re all I need, I’m so thankful for
All of the girls you’ve loved before
And I love you more”

All of the Girls


The full and official version of “All of the Girls” was eventually released on March 17th, 2023 under the title “All of the Girls You Loved Before“.

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