“Alone” by Kim Petras (ft. Nicki Minaj)

On 21 April 2023, we were treated to “Alone”, which features Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj. This song marks Petras’ first collaboration with Minaj, whom the German singer is already known to be a fan of.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Kim Petras's Alone at Lyrics.org.

This track notably samples a 1998 dance song titled “Better Off Alone” by a Dutch outfit known as Alice Deejay. However, none of the composers of that piece are credited as writers of “Alone”. 

Instead, besides the two vocalists, the other co-authors of this track are Sebastiaan Molijn, Ryan OG, Eelke Kalberg, Rocco Did It Again and Dr. Luke, with the latter two also producing the track. 

And to note, this song is a product of the Universal Music Group, Republic Records, Amigo Records and Nicki Minaj’s new label, Heavy On It, which the rapper also just launched a week before the release of this track.


So what we are met with here is what can be by and large classified as a sex song. The title is indicative of the vocalist’s desire to “get” the addressee, the apple of her eye, “all alone”. In other words, she’s very much looking forward to the two of them having some private time this evening, so that they can proceed to get intimate. 

As such Kim’s lyrics, which make up the entire song with the exception of the second verse, serve the purpose of illustrating that want and letting the addressee know that if he does entertain her request to “don’t think about it” and “just come over now”, then he’s in for a gratifying time.

In the second verse, Minaj proceeds to adhere to that latter subtheme, i.e. touting her sexual prowess, as much as she reasonably can, if you will. But of course in the grand scheme of things, Nicki can’t help but to boast otherwise, such as alluding to her wealth and rightfully acknowledging herself as a global trendsetter.

Also interesting to note is the Queen of Rap dropping a line alluding to her affinity for weed, which isn’t particularly a norm as far her lyricism goes. And overall, in her traditional collaborative fashion, Minaj uses the opportunity to both shoutout herself, “the Barbie” and her musical partner in this case, Kim Petras.

“I’ve been tryna give it to you all night
What’s it gonna take to get you all alone?
I just want you here by my side
I don’t wanna be here, baby, on my own
Yeah, don’t you wait, don’t think about it
Yeah, don’t you wait, just come on over now
I’ve been tryna give it to you all night
What’s it gonna take to get you all alone?”

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