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Nicki Minaj's "Red Ruby Da Sleeze"

“Red Ruby Da Sleeze” by Nicki Minaj

The last we heard of Nicki Minaj, she was pretty pissed off that her 2022 hit, “Super Freaky Girl“, was not being nominated for a rap Grammy. From a musical perspective, Nicki can be considered the most-accomplished female...

All of the Girls

“All of the Girls” by Taylor Swift

For starters, “All of the Girls” has yet, if ever, to be officially released. This song actually became known to the general public when it began leaking, alongside another track called “Need”, in early 2020. And as reported it...


“Limbo” by Freddie Dredd

In a way Freddie Dredd’s “Limbo” song is even more metaphorical than your average rap, with most of said symbolism being related to the addressee being dead or in hell or what have you....