“Long Live” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is basically using the lyrics of “Long Live” to speak of her come-up. But the way the lyrics are designed are such that they read as if she made it big alongside someone else, that being the addressee. 

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But of course, we all know that Swift is a soloist with no partner to speak of. So as described by Taylor, this addressee is actually a personification of her backup band and fandom. Or put otherwise, as inferred making IT to the top wasn’t easy at all. So from the songstress’s perspective, if it weren’t for such backing, then she never would have made it.

So basically, what we are met with is something like Tay Tay reminiscing on when she and the addressee first felt when they realized that stardom had been successfully achieved, i.e. the type of euphoria and satisfaction they experienced as a result. 

As depicted, prior to blowing up they were akin to semi-confident outcasts. But now it’s as if they are on top of the world, and no one but “fate” can bring them down.

In Conclusion

So all lyrics considered, what the title points to is Taylor’s desire for this ride to last as long as it possibly can. She doesn’t come off as a cocky celebrity, rather understanding that there are some things beyond her control, and ultimately she can’t predict how long she’ll stay on top. 

But it is interesting to note that this song did come out over a decade ago, and as of this writing we can safely say that her wish for ‘long life’ as a music star has indeed come true. That is to say that Swift enjoys arguably the most-loyal fandom of any contemporary American musician.

Taylor Swift's "Long Live" Lyrics

Interesting Things to Note about “Long Live”

This track, from Taylor’s album “Speak Now”, did manage to chart despite not being released on a single upon first issuance on 25 October 2010. But to note, a subsequent version of “Long Live” featuring Paula Fernandes was officially issued, as a promotional single, from Swift’s “Speak Now World Tour – Live” project that came out in 2012.

This song was written by Taylor, and the songstress produced it with Nathan Chapman, one of her regular collaborators from her Big Machine days. 

Since this track did come out back in 2010, it was made public through Big Machine Records, i.e. the label Taylor was signed to during the earlier stages of her music career.

Swift first performed this song live the month after its release at a Thanksgiving event promoting “Speak Now” that was supported by NBC.

To note Taylor Swift does have a set band dating back to the early stages of her career, an outfit she reportedly dubbed “The Agency”, whom she still plays with to this day.

Long Live

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