“Last Kiss” by Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift has dated a few guys throughout the years, all of them, based on her documented dating history, having been celebrities. But first on the last, going all the way back to 2008, is Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers’ fame.

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As the story goes Joe did Taylor dirty, especially in terms of how he decided to terminate their romance. (And interesting to note, it seems that the related beef still isn’t dead some 15 years later.) Meanwhile, Swift is an artist who unapologetically incorporates her personal life, most notably from a romantic perspective, into her songs. Thus, Swifites have been able to ascertain that “Last Kiss”, which is akin to an unheralded fan favorite, is about her relationship with Jonas.

So with that in mind, the lyrics of this piece read a lot like Swift’s romance-based song, i.e. poetic musings mixed with more-specific lyrics which imply that the narrative is based on real life. And the reason Swifties seem to be so enamored with this track is because it contains what are considered some of Taylor’s most-exquisite lyrics. 

“Last Kiss”

The notion the title points to, most easily explained, is that the vocalist, now dealing with a broken heart, having never imagined beforehand that she and the addressee would have ever broken up. And that may seem like a naïve assertion in this day and age. But as alluded to earlier, Jonas appears to have been Swift’s first true love, and she was a mere 18 years old when their relationship came apart. Moreover, as revealed in the lyrics, said ex put her under the impression that he was truly in love, and at the time she had no perceivable reason to doubt him.

Interestingly, the verses do not focus on the singer’s devastated emotions. Instead, she uses them primarily to reminisce on enjoyable moments from her time with the addressee. Indeed according to the way Taylor Swift has described this song, it is designed to encapsulate the range of emotions that we experience after a genuine romance concludes the less-than-ideal way. And this would include having to part ways with the happier memories of days past. So apparently that’s what Taylor is doing in this track – letting it all out, so to speak – as part of the process of getting over the addressee. And maybe one day that goal will be achieved. But as far as the thesis sentiment goes, in the here and now the vocalist is very much in her feelings.

Taylor Swift, "Last Kiss" Lyrics
Taylor Swift explains meaning of "Last Kiss"

When was “Last Kiss” released?

This song is from “Speak Now”, the album Taylor Swift dropped, via Big Machine Records, back on 25 October 2010.

Release Date

“Last Kiss” was authored by Taylor Swift, who also co-produced it with Nathan Chapman. 

Eeven though it does not appear that this track was released as a single, upon issuance it still managed to popup on the Billboard Hot 100.

Last Kiss

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