“Hold On” by Adele

The song “Hold On” by Adele is a very personal piece to the singer. It’s a message to herself as she struggled to handle her divorce, marriage, becoming a single parent and the challenge of raising her son alone.

Written during a difficult time in her life, she is seeking the inner strength to hold on to the life she has and continue to move forward. The song touches on some of her fears and challenges. In an interview in Vogue, Adele explained that in the midst of the chaos of her life when the song was written, the message her friends constantly gave her was ‘Just Hold On,.’,

A Deeply Personal Song

Abby Aguirre who interviewed Adele for Vogue called ‘Hold On’ ‘a joyous anthem’. We see the lyrics as her seeking strength at a tumultuous time in her life when she was struggling to find her footing.

The song reflects her fears, insecurities and the pain. Honestly, it was really brave of her to reveal her truth to her audience. Many people imagine successful artists like Adele live a charmed life. In this song she bravely bares her internal turmoil. And that’s part of the reason it strikes a chord with listeners.

Keeping It Real

Adele ends the song with a choir of her friends singing the chorus ‘Just hold on’. We hear the actual voices she heard in the face of the chaos going on in her life.

Adele’s bravery to be so open with her truth on this tune is really admirable. The audience feels it and connects with it.

Real life is often messy, chaotic and challenging and the average person often has to “hold On’ as they make their way in uncertain and difficult times. Part of this song’s genius is it reflects real life.

Adele, "Hold On" Lyrics
Adele explains "Hold On"

Facts about “Hold On”

“Hold On” appears as track number 10 on Adele’s bestselling 4th studio. Both song and album officially came out on the 19th of November, 2021.

Adele worked with noted English record producer and musician Inflo to write this song. The two artists therefore are official credited writers of “Hold On”.

Inflo, who is also a very prolific producer, handled the entire production duties of “Hold On”. This song is actually one of three tracks from “30” that Inflo co-wrote and produced. The other two are: “Woman Like Me” and “Love Is a Game“.

In addition to writing and producing “Hold On”, Inflo also played a bunch of instrumentals on it. These include: drums, guitar, organ, bass and piano.

The strings on the song are credited to one David Campbell, who is a Canadian-born American composer and arranger. He has over the years collaborated with a ton of prominent artists ranging from Michael Jackson to Beyoncé.

Hold On

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