Adele’s “My Little Love” Lyrics Meaning

Adele’s “My Little Love” came out during November of 2021, about six months prior to her getting divorced from her husband, Simon Konecki. They were married in a secret ceremony sometime circa early 2017. 

However, the two of them had been dating since 2011 and in the process gave birth to a son named Angelo James Adkins in 2012. So as of the dropping of this track, the lad is still quite young, at nine years old. And of course a child at that age would have a hard time understanding why his parents would no longer want to be together. And it is upon that premise the lyrics of this track are based, i.e. Adele addressing Angelo on said matter.

More specifically, the lyrics do not center on issues she may have had with his dad. Rather, in sort of a roundabout way, it’s as if the singer is apologizing to her son for things not working on between her and his father. 

And if we were to be totally honest, most of the lyrics do focus on Adele herself as opposed to how Angelo may be feeling. Indeed, it can be ascertained that the songstress is even going through more of an emotional ordeal than the addressee. And by the time all is said and done, “My Little Love” transforms into the sort of deeply personal, self-analytical exposition. The kind you would expect more from some American artists than a singer from across the pond.

Conclusive Sentiment of “My Little Love”

So the conclusive sentiment of this piece would be that yes, the addressee is concerned with the emotional/psychological impact her divorce has had on her son. But in those regards, she seems to have been even more adversely affected than he is.  In fact the bridge kinda reads like Angelo is counseling Adele, not vice versa.  And the malady she appears to be stricken with the most in the aftermath of all that has transpired, understandably, is loneliness.

Lyrics to "My Little Love" by Adele


This song finds Adele addressing her little son after her divorce from his dad. However, in doing so, she actually spends more time focusing on her personal emotional stress.

Facts about “My Little Love”

Melted Stone Records and Columbia Records put this track out on 19 November 2021 as part of “30”, Adele’s album that was released on that same day. 

This is one of the outstanding tracks on the singer’s bestselling fourth studio project (“30”). Other very popular tracks from the album include “Easy on Me” and “Oh My God“.

The song was written by Adele and Greg Kurstin, with Kurstin also producing the track.

The aforementioned Angelo provides additional vocals to this track, i.e. recorded excerpts of conversations he’s had with Adele being interlaced therein.

Adele actually wrote this song a couple of years back, inspired by a conversation she had with Angelo. So the implication would be that her marriage to his dad had been on the rocks for some time before they finally ended up divorcing in March of 2021.

My Little Love

It is theoretically possible given to the nature of some of the lyrics to “My Little Love” that the loneliness Adele is suffering from is exacerbated by being separated from her son. FYI, she and her ex-husband agreed to share custody of Angelo James.

But considering that, even after the divorce, the two of them “still live on the same street”, such isn’t likely the case, though for all we know may have been when this song was actually written.

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