“Love Song” by Lana Del Rey

As the title suggests this is indeed a “love song”, as in Lana Del Rey addressing the man whom she is romantically in love with.

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For the most part, the setting is the songstress spending intimate time with her lover in a car, with Lana being known to regularly use such a motif in her songs. And the sentiments being expressed point to the idea that this is perhaps a new relationship, as in they are now getting serious (i.e. sensual).

So now, while expressing her own loving sentiments, Lana is also trying to ascertain how far the relationship will go, as in how serious her partner actually is. For instance, she wants to know if this will be the type of romance where they will be free to actually be who they are. Also she would “like to think that (he) would stick around”, as in their union not being a brief fling but rather a long-term relationship.

But for the most part, this song isn’t so much about the future as it is the present. Lana is caught up in the passion of the moment and is about to get it on with her boo, in the backseat of a car, after a party. And the titular “love song” is defined as their loving, physical interactions. Or another, more-blunt way of looking at it is the sound of them getting hot and heavy is also “the sound of (their) love song“. But that being said, she definitely hopes that this guy is the one. She hopes he is someone who will serve as her lover into the foreseeable future.

Lyrics of "Love Song"

Release Date of “Love Song”

On 30th August, 2019, Del Rey released “Love Song” through various labels (including Interscope Records). The song appears at number 6 on the track listing of her sixth studio album (Norman F Rockwell). FYI, this wasn’t a single. The official singles from Norman F Rockwell are:

Did Lana Del Rey write “Love Song”?

Yes, Lana did. But Lana didn’t write the song all by herself. She collaborated with Jack Antonoff of Bleachers and Fun fame to pen this love song. Antonoff and Lana are also credited as the sole producers of “Love Song”.

“In Your Car”?

On December 31, 2018, Del Rey teased a tiny bit of the song for the first time (through Instagram). Upon listening to the teased snippet of the song, fans assumed the title of the song was “In Your Car”. And accordingly, many referred to “Love Song” as “In Your Car” for many a week until it was later revealed that wasn’t the song’s real title.

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