Lana Del Rey’s “Norman F Rockwell!” Lyrics Meaning

First off this song is named, at least in part, after Norman Rockwell (1894-1978), one of the most-famous artists in American history. However, his name is not actually mentioned in the lyrics.

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Rather, what it is actually about is the singer’s lover. She named the song after Mr. Rockwell due to the fact that, like the Deacon, her boyfriend is an artist. But the aspect of their relationship she seems to appreciate most is the intimate part and his exciting behavior. Yet at the same time, it seems that he also possesses other, negative personality traits. For instance, he is self-absorbed. And on top of that perhaps his most-dominant characteristic is depression. Indeed his gloominess is so pervasive that it has an infectious effect on Lana. In fact another parallel that may be drawn between the actual Norman Rockwell and the person Lana is singing about is that Norman himself also had issues with depression.

So conclusively, Lana has strong feelings for her guy but also difficulties with the way he conducts himself. But ultimately, at least for the moment, she is very much committed to their relationship.

Release Date of “Norman F Rockwell”

This is the lead song and title track from Del Rey’s 2019 album of the same name. Lana formally released it on 30th August of 2019 through the following labels:

  • Interscope Records
  • Polydor Records
  • Universal Music Group

Title is Offensive

“Norman F Rockwell” isn’t actually this song’s title. The “F” in the middle of the title refers to a very vulgar/offensive word that we can’t publish here. That word begins with an “f”. Owing to that, we just used the alphabet “f” to replace that word. And because of how offensive the title is, one can’t mention both the full name of this song and its album on family-friendly platforms.

Writing Credits for “Norman F Rockwell!”

 Lana Del Rey wrote and produced “Norman F Rockwell” with another writer/producer by the name of Jack Antonoff. The pair worked together on the majority of the songs on the album this track is featured on. One such song is “Mariners Apartment Complex“.

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