Love U by Westside Gunn Lyrics Meaning – A Gritty Chronicle of Triumph and Street Wisdom

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I remember where it all started
Had the AR with the long cartridge
I still eat the lamb over rice
I became the man overnight (No cap)
Police pulled my Lam over twice
They see it’s me they tell
Me, “You the man, sir goodnight”
(Goodnight, sir)
Put on for my city where the love at
Show these niggas love won’t
Get no love back
Put niggas in position helped them
Get they buzz back (I did)
I was just in Cali sent a dub pack
(I sent a dub nigga)
Got in this rap shit I brought the love back
I mean you niggas oughtta love that
(You gotta love it)

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo grrr doo doo doo doo
You gotta love it

Look, forty pointers, those the big stones
(You see it bitch)
We been gettin money my name been known (Hah)
Home with the goons we break in homes
We the type to cut off
Fingers and break shin bones (Ha ha ha)
Dior Jordan 1 like I’m Kim Jones (Cap)
Still hit a nigga body with mac 10 chrome
Even though I got this Burberry trench on
(Ah ha) i come from the trenches
Most my friends gone (Facts)
Somebody getting shot tonight I feel
It in the air (I feel it)
Its like my city covered with
That feeling of despair (Tss)
Nobody feel like they gon make it
They don’t really care
I was just on Daringer couch
Now I’m a millionaire
I hope you use my life to be inspired by
I almost gave up too, I put my pride aside
Niggas shot me I bounced back, I ain’t die
Put my city on the map and
I brought that feeling back
You gotta love it

IIImmaculate rhyme (Megan Ryte)
I was in my cell I
Clicked my heels three times
Watching the world from up top
Snakeskin binoculars

I mean look what I became nigga
God don’t make mistakes
One thing about it not everybody gon keep it
As real as you gon keep it, nigga
You out yo mutherfuckin mind
If you expect that
I was just telling my peoples
When I die it’s prolly
Gonna be by one of my so called homeboys
Even if they ain’t the trigger man
They prolly put the bag up
She was like, “don’t say shit like that
Don’t say that”
I’m just being real, my nigga

Full Lyrics

Westside Gunn’s track ‘Love U’ is not your average confessional booth—it’s a hardened, vividly painted mural of life as sung from the gallery of the streets. Laced with resilience, a dash of paranoia, and sprinkled with luxury, the lyrics serve as the prism through which Westside Gunn shares his ascent to the top. Every bar crackles with the static of realness, the kind only found in autobiographical tales of survival and success.

This is more than rap – it’s a gritty, unabashed autobiography, a window into the making of a hip-hop magnate and the pragmatic world view that comes from weathering life’s storms. As the beats roll, each line peels back layers of Westside Gunn’s journey, from near-fatal encounters to luxurious milestones, and his incontrovertible impact on revitalizing the rap game.

Rise to Success: More Than Mere Braggadocio

The opening bars are a rags-to-riches script, punctuated by the harsh reality of the street grind. ‘Had the AR with the long cartridge’ isn’t just a boast but an allusion to a former life that Westside Gunn is no stranger to. Speaking of overnight success, he doesn’t shy away from the complex duality of recognition—a police encounter that goes from fraught to fawning because of his status.

‘I became the man overnight.’ With these words, Westside Gunn delivers a succinct narrative of transformation but hints at the process as something innately deserved rather than fortuitous. It’s a journey where the material – lamb over rice, dub packs sent to Cali, and pulled-over Lambos – becomes symbolic of a newfound station in life.

The Unreciprocated Love of the Game

Amidst his recount of ascendance, Westside Gunn touches on a classic hip-hop theme—the tenuous and often one-sided relationship with the very streets that raised him. ‘Put on for my city where the love at / Show these niggas love won’t Get no love back’ reflects his incredulity at the lack of reciprocation from a scene he’s given much to.

He’s speaking to the chill of disloyalty and the transactional nature of respect in the industry. It captures a feeling every urban poet knows: that of pouring your soul into the pavement only to find it doesn’t always echo back with the same passion.

Draped in Dior, Drenched in Despair

Gunn’s juxtaposition of luxury brands against the graphic depiction of violence and loss illustrates the stark contrast between his current life and his past. Wearing Dior Jordan 1’s, he acknowledges the ongoing horror in his hometown where friends are being lost, his success a rare beacon of light in a void of despair.

‘Somebody getting shot tonight I feel / It in the air’—these lines don’t just testify to a psychic premonition, they reveal the omnipresence of violence that shadows daily life, a stark reminder that no amount of success can completely erase that past.

Beyond Survival: The Hidden Meaning of Resilience

There’s a deeper narrative woven into ‘Love U’ than what surfaces through its anecdotes. ‘Niggas shot me I bounced back, I ain’t die’ is more than a physical account—it’s the philosophical backbone of the song. Gunn reflects on his perseverance, and more broadly, the human capacity to endure and transform adversity into fuel for success.

‘I hope you use my life to be inspired by’. Here lies the hidden edict of ‘Love U’. The track becomes a manuscript of hope and ambition. Westside Gunn is not just sharing his story; he’s offering it as a blueprint for triumph over struggle, urging others to harness their resilience as he has.

Memorable Lines: The Stark Prophesy of Betrayal

In a haunting revelation, ‘When I die it’s prolly / Gonna be by one of my so-called homeboys’ Gunn expresses a warrior’s fatalism, an acknowledgment of the potential cost of past life and the newfound opulence. There’s historical precedence in hip-hop’s storyboard and his personal history, etching a foreboding sense of tragedy amid fortune.

Yet, despite the morbid foretaste, this line also shines with the sheen of realness that fans have come to expect from Gunn. It’s a reminder that, while he may bask in the glitz of hard-earned success, he is keenly aware of the tenuous threads upon which it hangs—memorable not for its opulence, but for its striking rawness and truth.

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