“LOST FOREVER” by Travis Scott (ft. James Blake and Westside Gunn)

The title of this song, as implied in the outro leading into the first verse, does find the vocalist “lost forever”, though in a “wonderful”, not bad, way. Theoretically, what Travis, James and Chuck Senrick are referring to is something like being “lost” or caught up in an enviable lifestyle, complete with the likes of pricey vehicles, trips to exotic islands and of course the presence of hot ladies.

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But beyond the early goings, the lyrics don’t really harp on the titular theme, i.e. that which is established in the intro. Instead they are more generally braggadocious in nature, i.e. the two primary vocalists pointing out different ways in which they are living that life.

Travis’s focus is primarily on his wealth, “power” and, more so than anything as far as his verse is concerned, interactions with romantic interests. Meanwhile Westside, being the artist that he is, puts more of a premium on depicting himself as being illicitly active on the streets, such as ‘whipping’, i.e. processing, cocaine and being a gunslinger. But there are a few allusions to his wealth embedded within also.

“Lost, have you ever been lost?
Lost, forever
And how wonderful, how wonderful
Wonderful, how wonderful (Lost)
How wonderful, how wonderful
How you are, forever”

Release of “LOST FOREVER”

“LOST FOREVER” is a song released in 2023 from Travis Scott’s “Utopia” studio album. This project serves as the rapper’s fourth studio album.

Writing & Production

Scott authored this track along with its featured artists Westside Gunn and James Blake, as well as the following other songwriters:

  • Elliott Baker
  • Dom Maker

The Texas-born rapper and Blake were also responsible for the production of “LOST FOREVER”. They were assisted by the song’s co-writers Baker and Dom Maker.  


“Utopia” is a follow-up project to Scott’s 2018 album “Astroworld”, and it is backed by Epic Records and Cactus Jack Records.


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