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Ayo, I whipped it with the left, I whipped it with the right (whip)
Three quarter mink at the Tank fight (ah)
Your shit stepped on, get your yay right (ah)
I blow your brains out in broad daylight (boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
You ever made love to the pot? I ain’t think so
You ever threw up from smellin’ too many kilos?
The Migos, Nigos, we reload the free throws
The Margiela peacoat, the Regal
Four story house I got off Ebro, the VLONE
Rest in peace Vino (ah), rest in peace Kino, the Spiegel
The seagulls, April fresh ego
Slam you on your neck like Bruno Sammartino
Welcome home Tito, you proud and sippin’ pinot
My shooter shot five niggas in a row, we yell “Bingo”, my Nino
(Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Bulletproof Bentleys parked outside the Whitney (skrt)
You need it, nigga, hit me, vacuum seal it, then you ship it (ah)

Full Lyrics

Westside Gunn’s track ‘No Vacancy’ serves as a rich tapestry of imagery and storytelling, a vivid collage that reaches beyond the veneer of typical hip-hop braggadocio. It’s a deep dive into the psyche of a man who has traversed the trenches, a gritty homage to the hustle and the haunted.

In deciphering the layers of ‘No Vacancy,’ listeners are invited to explore the underbelly of the rap game, where life’s luxuries meet its stark realities. Let’s peel back the curtain to reveal the profound articulations woven into the track’s seemingly straightforward bars.

The Alchemy of Lyrics: Turning Struggle into Gold

Each bar of ‘No Vacancy’ drips with the rawness of the struggle, the grind, and the flip side of the American dream. Westside Gunn paints a picture of opulence birthed from tumult, whipping up a brilliance with both hands—an analogy for his mastery over life’s adversities and the rap game.

Not just content with survival, he’s thriving, illustrated by the ‘three-quarter mink’—a symbol of the prosperity achieved amidst the chaos of the streets. Every line is a dual-blade, showcasing bravado while subtly exposing the reality of violence that is never far from the shimmering facade.

The Elegance of Aggression in Raw Imagery

Gunn’s choice of vivid, violent imagery—’I blow your brains out in broad daylight’—isn’t gratuitous; it’s intentional, exposing the raw undercurrent of the reality he’s depicting. This is a world where life and death decisions are made in the open, underscoring the bravado with a sinister truth.

The aggression weaved through the lyrics isn’t just a style choice but a necessity—or so the song suggests. It’s a formidable reminder of the stakes at play in the high-risk, high-reward world that Gunn inhabits.

A Closer Look into the Poignant Nostalgia

‘Rest in peace Vino,’ ‘rest in peace Kino,’ Gunn intones, invoking a roll call of the fallen. These are not mere words but monuments erected in memory, underscoring the song’s narrative with loss and a somber tribute to those who have touched the journey.

‘Welcome home Tito’ juxtaposes the sadness, injecting a moment of reuniting and celebration amidst the hardships. These are the humanizing moments that elevate the song from a mere recounting of hard-knock life to a story about real lives and real losses.

The Song’s Hidden Meaning: Echoes of a Gladiator’s Battle

Gunn’s lyrics are littered with combat-ready metaphors—’Slam you on your neck like Bruno Sammartino’ is an evocation of the wrestling legend’s power moves, symbolizing an arena-like approach to life’s battles. These lines do more than just illustrate force; they draw parallels to the artist’s strategic and impactful maneuvers in his career and personal survival.

Delving into the ‘hidden meanings’ behind combative diction reveals Gunn’s perception of himself not just as an artist, but as a gladiator in modern times, grappling with foes and the trappings of success with equal fervor.

Lyrical Cadence and Memorable Lines: ‘You ever made love to the pot?’

The memorable lines of ‘No Vacancy’ hit with the precision of a practiced fighter. ‘You ever made love to the pot?’ stands out, a rhetorical question that implies a level of dedication and intimacy with one’s craft (or product) that borders on the spiritual. It speaks to the relationship between the creator and creation, be it music or something less legal, suggesting a union that’s both necessary and consuming.

This line, and others like it, stay with listeners not because they are catchphrases but because they encapsulate the ethos of Westside Gunn’s world—a world where love, danger, and success are blended into an intoxicating and dangerous mix.

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