Meaning of “Irish Blood, English Heart” by Morrissey

Irish Blood, English Heart is one of singer Morrissey‘s biggest hits of his solo career as well as with his former band The Smiths . The track, which is a purely political song, sees the writer (Morrissey) slamming and denouncing the legendary English politician and military leader Oliver Cromwell, the British Royal Family, and the two major parties in the United Kingdom – the Labour Party and the Conservative Party.

The title “Irish Blood, English Heart” simply refers to Morrissey’s heritage. Despite being born in Lancashire, England and being English, Morrissey also has an Irish background owing to both of his parents being Irish. So simply put, he has Irish blood in his veins (from his parents) and an English heart (because he was born in England and grew up there).

The line in the song in which he talks about dying with both of his “hands untied” simply refers to him dying a free man.


Irish Blood, English Heart Meaning


Facts about “Irish Blood, English Heart”

  • The lyrics of the song were written by Morrissey, whereas the music was written by Alain Whyte, an English guitarist and songwriter, who in addition to being known for working with Morrissey is also known for writing songs for such famous artists as Madonna, Rihanna, Chris Brown and The Black Eyed Peas.
  • The song was first released on May 4th, 2004 in the United States. The music for Irish Blood, English Heart, which was written by Whyte was initially used in the song Not Bitter But Bored, which was released by Whyte’s former band Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams.
  • Upon debuting at the 3rd position on the UK Singles Chart in 2004, the song became Morrissey’s highest charting single of his entire career as a musician – as a solo artist and with The Smiths.
  • The song was the first single from Morrissey’s seventh studio album You Are the Quarry.
  • Morrissey played the song live at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert that took place in December 2013 in Oslo, Norway.
  • The song appeared in the soundtrack of the popular videogame FIFA Football 2005.


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