Meaning of “Sing Your Life” by Morrissey

Sing Your Life is a song performed by British singer and songwriter Morrissey. Lyrically, the song encourages the listener to literally sing about their life – about the things they like in life and the things they don’t like in life. This song is one of Morrissey’s songs whose lyrics are so straightforward and very easy to understand.

Whenever Morrissey is performing his songs live on stage, and his audience ask him to perform this song (which he no longer performs live), he tells them that he is “singing it”, meaning the lyrics of all the songs that he is singing to them live contain things about his life.

Our Favorite Line from “Sing Your Life”

Here is our favorite line from the song’s lyrics: Sing Your Life lyrics.

Facts about “Sing Your Life”

  • Sing Your Life was written by Morrissey and Mark E. Nevin.
  • The song, which was the second single from his second studio album Kill Uncle, came out in April 1991. .
  • Nevin played the guitars on the song whereas Andrew Paresi and Mark Bedford played the drums and bass respectively.
  • The song was produced by Alan Winstanley and Clive Langer.
  • Since performing Sing Your Life during his 1991 Kill Uncle tour, Morrissey no longer performs the song live anymore.
  • The song reached the 33rd position in the UK singles charts, making it one of the poorest performing singles of Morrissey’s career.

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