Meaning of “…And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around” by $UICIDEBOY$

The title of this song (“…And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around”) may give the impression that the lyrics of this song are addressed to the vocalists’ loved ones, but such doesn’t particularly read to be the case. 

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Instead, if we were forced to try to derive a thesis sentiment from this piece, it would be that both Romeo and Lil’ Dark are going through their own respective internal issues, and the lyrics are based on how they go about, arguably unsuccessfully, dealing with such matters.

For Romeo da Black Rose, doing so would basically entail going home – “the one (he) can rest in peace” -and excommunicating himself from the rest of the world. And please take note of that term “rest in peace”. 

Literally taken, it alludes to having the opportunity to, simply put, enjoy a peaceful rest. But of course, that particular terminology is one most commonly used, as a colloquialism if you will, to refer to someone who has passed away. And interestingly Romeo does close out his verse by repeating, four times in a row, that he’ll “be dead by dawn”.

Lil’ Dark steps in

As for Lil’ Dark, he presents himself as being even more woefully depressed, the type of person who relies on hard drugs, including booze, in a vain attempt to use such substances to drive his demons away.  And as relayed, he ‘done dug himself into his own grave’. 

Or put otherwise, Dark is extremely pessimistic as far as his future goes. And going back to that “rest in peace” statement made in the first verse, as well as the second verse concluding with the vocalist ‘not seeing the point of going on’, it can easily be argued that the subtheme of this track, as presented by the “SuicideBoys”, is indeed the vocalists themselves coming off as suicidal characters.

So with that in mind, maybe what the title is meant to represent is something along the lines of a sentence from a note from someone trying to unalive themselves. Or perhaps what Dark and Romeo are putting forth, literally as far as the name of this track is concerned, is an appreciation for those who have remained by their side during dark times, even though said individuals are never mentioned in the lyrics.

“Take me home
Take me home, it’s the one place I can rest in peace
Turn off my phone
So many messages I wish I could just delete
Questioning my existence (Existence)
Questioning my decisions (Decisions)
Burning down all the bridges (Bridges)
Dig a moat, now I’m finished”

Release of “…And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around”

This track officially hit the airways on February 14 of 2020. It is the last song on the playlist of the collective’s 2020 mixtape entitled “Stop Staring at the Shadows”.

Writing and Production

The following members of the group were responsible for composing “…And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around”:

  • Scrim
  • Ruby da Cherry

Production duties were solely handled by Scrim.

...And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around

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