Meaning of “nothingleftnothingleft” $UICIDEBOY$ x Travis Barker

“nothingleftnothingleft” has a pessimistic tone, to say the least. Actually what it seems to be based on is more of an apocalyptic view, as in the singers feeling that we are all going to die anyway. So the song reads more along the lines of them presenting a pick-your-poison approach. For instance, in the first verse, Ruby da Cherry asks if “you rather drink the punch, or do you want to burn alive?” And what this appears to symbolize is him basically presenting an option of choosing between self-inflicted death or dying through circumstances outside of your control. But either way a violent end is coming.

Thus we find the chorus is filled with singular words, such as “war”, “toxic”, “hate”, etc., which all allude to the potential destruction of mankind or perhaps on a more-personal level individuals until there is “nothing left”.  Indeed we see in the second verse that $crim picks up along the same lines Ruby left off, which is by entreating the listener to kill him in a variety of violent ways and alluding specifically, it would seem, to the crucifixion of Jesus in a way that would suggest an ultimate sense of futility in terms of trying to avoid a hostile demise.

Obviously this track is filled with a lot of angst. And what it all seems to lead to is a belief by the artists that at the end of the day there truly will be “nothing left”, particularly in terms of the existence of humankind.

Facts about “nothingleftnothingleft”

  • This song was written by Travis Barker and the $uicideboys$ (under their legal names, Scott Arceneaux Jr. and Aristos Petrou).
  • Travis Barker also produced the track along with Budd Dwyer.
  • “Nothingleftnothingleft” is appears on the collaborative EP between the $uicideboy$ and Travis Barker entitled Live Fast, Die Whenever, which they teased on Instagram on 4 May.
  • Meanwhile this particular track came out on 9 May 2019.

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