Meaning of “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd (ft. Gucci Mane)

“Black Beatles” is a track in which the quartet of Rae Sremmurd (Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi), Gucci Mane and producer Mike Will Made-It compare themselves to the 20thCentury music icons The Beatles. And throughout the song, they do make a few references to the Fab Four.  However, what the track is really about is the rappers wealth, particularly when it comes to tricking on women and more specifically in relation to spreading dough at the strip club. 

In fact it is only Slim who seems not to reference the nudie bar. But still he reminds the audience that he even “had ho*s when (he) was broke”.

And overall, despite the artist using colorful metaphors throughout, that’s pretty much the gist of this song. These dudes are well-paid, and they apparently dedicate a good portion of their income to impressing women. But amongst other things, the homeys also like burning weed, getting drunk and in the case of Guwop in particular “serving yayo to the gringos”.

“Black Beatles” was extremely successful the world over!

“Black Beatles” was a huge, global success. It reached number 2 on the UK Singles Chart and actually topped the Billboard Hot 100. This was the first time either of the artists had reached number 1 in America.  It also managed to take the top position in New Zealand and Australia’s Urban chart.

Other countries in which it broke the top 10 include:

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • The Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  •  Ireland
  • Israel
  • Lebanon
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Scotland
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland.

 Owing to its gargantuan success, it achieved multi-platinum status in Australia and especially in the United States. In the latter country, it sold several millions of copies. Actually as of 2018, it had sol over six-million copies in America alone.

The Mannequin Challenge

Its success – and indeed that of Rae Sremmurd in general – is largely attributable to the song being associated with a viral internet meme entitled the Mannequin Challenge.

However, this does not negate the overall quality of the song! Indeed Billboard placed it at the top of its list of “100 Best Pop Songs of 2016: Critics’ Picks”.

Swae Lee’s remarks on the success of “Black Beatles”

Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd once expressed his belief that the group is “owed a Grammy” as well as “a Nobel Peace Prize for” this song. According to him, such is the level of this song’s importance!

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney supported the song

Of course the title of this track equates its creators with The Beatles, the iconic rock band from the 1960s. And in a show of support its most-famous member, Paul McCartney, participated in the Mannequin Challenge himself while giving a shoutout to the “Black Beatles”.

When did “Black Beatles” come out?

“Black Beatles” was originally dropped as part of Rae Sremmurd’s SremmLife 2 on 12 August 2016. Later EarDrummers Entertainment and Interscope Records released it as the third single from that album on 15 September 2016.

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