“Enzo” by DJ Snake & Sheck Wes (Ft. Gucci Mane, 21 Savage & Offset)

The title of this track is based on the rappers’ “need” of an Enzo – a type of Ferrari whose basic model costs well in excess of $500,000. So you can see where this song is going.

In fact Offset begins his verse by naming a couple of high-priced vehicles which already rest in his garage and mocking others who “cannot keep up”. And keeping to his usual themes, ‘Set raps mostly about topics related to having a sizable bankroll including one of his favorite subjects as of late, which is ‘feeding family first’.

21 Savage starts his verse off similarly, by stating that he just bought a Diablo, which is another expensive brand of Lamborghini. And while he does reference his “M’s” and “racks”, his verse is not primarily dedicated to wealth. Rather when all is said and done, he seems to focus mostly on “bi**hes”, as in women he is having affairs with purely in the name of pleasure. Is noteworthy to mention that he does reference rapper Playboi Carti in a not-so-flattering manner, but all the same what he said does not have to necessarily be interpreted as a diss.

And in keeping to the theme of “Enzo”, Gucci Mane also comes in referencing cars in general. He also specifically references car brands “Fantasia”, “Benzo”, “Maybach” and “Lamborghini” later in the verse, after most-notably giving shoutouts to DJ Snake and Offset.

Meanwhile Sheck Wes holds down the intro, outro and choruses (along with the individual artists) in-between. And once again these sections are based on the artists’ “need” for “a Benzo”, “a (Ferrari)” and of course “an Enzo” (though for the most part “not Lambo(rghini)”. 

So all things considered, this track reads like a strong endorsement of those brands, especially the Enzo Ferrari. And in this day and age it would not be surprising if Snake, Sheck Wes and the boys actually have a contract to big up that brands.

Facts about “Enzo”

  • DJ Snake and Sheck Wes wrote this track alongside the three other artists featured on the song. Music producer, YungLunchBox also partook in the writing of the song.
  • As for the production of “Enzo”, it was handled by YungLunchBox and DJ Snake along with Sickdrumz.
  • The release of this track on 24 April 2019 was a collaborative effort between Universal Music Group, Geffen Records and DJ Snake Productions Limited.
  • Work on this track actually began a couple of years ago when DJ Snake hooked up with Sheck Wes after being impressed with his first single, “Live SheckWes Die SheckWes”.

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