“King Snipe” by Gucci Mane and Kodak Black

As generally understood, a “snipe” is a type of bird. But since the term is not utilized in the lyrics, we can safely presume that’s not what Kodak and Gucci are referring to. Instead, all wording considered (as well taking into consideration the nature of the cover art), what they’re likely getting at is suggesting that they’re ‘king snipe(rs)’, i.e. experienced killers.

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So relatedly, what the listener is met with is ample guntalk. Mane doesn’t go about intimating that he’s an active shooter as much as Black does. Instead, Gucci comes off more as if he’s associated with a crew of wild “young ni-gas” who are down to do such biddings for him. But either way, the message here is along the lines of neither of these rappers being anyone you’d want to f*ck with.

Besides that there are also references to drugs, sex and what have you, as to be expected. Also to note, Gucci Mane is considerably older than his co-star. So at the beginning of the song, Kodak does playfully refer to him as his ‘dad’. But overall, they proceed to come off as peers in the game.

Lyrics for "King Snipe"

“King Snipe” Release Date

“King Snipe” was released on 13th January, 2023.


Gucci and Kodak co-wrote “King Snipe” alongside its producers:

  • Richie Souf
  • Fourteen

Past Projects Mane and Black Collaborated On

Mane and Black are known to be frequent collaborators. Some of the projects they’ve worked on together are:

  • “Vibin In This Bih” (2016)
  • “Pull A Caper” (2017)
  • “Wake Up in The Sky” (2018)
  • “Big Boy Diamonds” (2019)
  • “I Knew It” with CBE (2020)
King Snipe

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