Meaning of “Daddy Lessons” by Beyoncé

This song is based on the singer’s recollections of the lessons given to her by her father. It was written before Beyoncé got involved in its composition, so part of it is not necessarily based on her personal experiences. For instance, the track references that the singer’s father has “died”, even though as of the release date of the song, Beyoncé’s dad is still alive. However, once deciding to record the song, Bey also added her own personal touches to it, which is the finished product we have come to know and love.

The overall theme of the song is that the singer’s father raised her to be a “tough girl”. For instance, he introduced her to “motorcycles”, “blackjack”, “rifles” and a rugged outback lifestyle in general. He also taught her to be a fighter, with the ultimate goal of fashioning her into a woman who approached life like “a solider”. Additionally, he advised her on more-familial matter, such taking care of her mother and sister. Moreover the singer’s dad also warned her to be ready to defend herself against a certain type of man who would be out to take advantage of her. 

Ultimately the gist of daddy’s lessons was to raise Beyoncé into a woman who is strong enough to stand up for her rights.

Lyrics of "Daddy Lessons"

Facts about “Daddy Lessons”

  • “Daddy Lessons” was written by Diana Gordon, Kevin Cossom and Alex Delicata in 2014, with Beyoncé later adding additional lyrics.
  • The song was produced by Beyoncé. It appears on her Lemonade album, which came out in 2016 as her sixth studio album.  
  • On 20 November 2016 Parkwood Entertainment in conjunction with Columbia Records released this song. It is the sixth song on the playlist of Beyoncé’s critically-acclaimed album Lemonade.
  • A remix of “Daddy Lessons”, featuring the country band Dixie Chicks, dropped on 2 November 2016. On that same date Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks performed the song at the 2016 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards.
  • Eventually “Daddy Lessons” was added to the setlist of the Dixie Chicks’ DCX MMXVI World Tour.
  • National Public Radio (NPR) placed “Daddy Lessons” at number-63 amongst its “Top 100 Songs of 2016”.
  • Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles (a semi-celebrity in his own right), managed her throughout her early career up until 2011, when she fired him.  It is believed that much of this song is based on Bey’s relationship with him.
  • Interestingly enough, “Daddy Lessons” is Beyoncé’s first country music track.
  • The country music element of this song is actually a shoutout to Beyoncé’s upbringing, as she was raised in Houston, Texas, an area of the United States that is big on this genre.
  • Beyoncé actually submitted this song to the Recording Academy to be considered as a nominee in the country music categories of the Grammy Awards. However,  her application was rejected.
  • The final line of this song is actually a cameo by Beyoncé’s first child, Blue Ivy, who says, “Good job, Bey.”
  • “Daddy Issues” was the first song from Lemonade to be made available for streaming outside of Tidal, which Beyoncé  co-owns.

Remix of “Daddy Lessons”

Below are Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks performing “Daddy Lessons” live at the CMA Awards in 2016. The performance was widely regarded as one of the most outstanding performances of the night.

Chart Performance

This song fared similarly well on the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles chart, peaking respectively at numbers 41 and 40.

Australia, Canada, France, Sweden and Scotland are additional countries where this song charted.

Was “Daddy Lessons” released as a single from Lemonade?

No. Lemonade produced 5 singles. They are as follows: “Formation”, “Freedom“, “Sorry“, “All Night” and “Hold Up“.

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