Meaning of “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen

“Fat Bottomed Girls” is the title of a 1978 single by the renowned British rock band Queen. Lyrically, this track is all about the appreciation of women endowed with large derrières. That’s all there is to the lyrics of this song. To the narrator, big women are the epitome of beauty.

Lyrics of Fat Bottomed Girls

According to Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May, he penned this song with Freddy Mercury (lead singer of Queen) in mind. Why? Because Mercury liked fat bottomed “girls… or boys”. May revealed this during a 2018 interview with Mojo magazine.

Brian May's interview with Mojo Magazine

That said, it is important to note that May also told Mojo that a part of the song’s inspiration also came from “stuff” he saw in both his and Mercury’s life. We can’t help but wonder what this “stuff” is.


In Depth Analysis into the Lyrics

As far as the modern era of entertainment is concerned, women with big behinds being en vogue is a phenomenon which commenced in the 1990s. But as illustrated by this song, some artists had an appreciation for such shapes well beforehand. In fact “Fat Bottomed Girls” is a tune well ahead of its time, expressing for instance an appreciation for a “big woman” a good decade before the likes of Lizzo or Meghan Trainor were even born.

But Queen is a deceptively-deep band. And the vocalist isn’t necessarily lusting after big behinds just for big butt’s sake. Instead as revealed in the first verse, his childhood nanny, one “big fat Fanny”, was “a naught… big woman” who “made” the narrator into “a bad boy”. That’s another way of saying that she’s the one who taught him about sex. So it’s like, now the narrator has developed an affinity for that body type.

In the second verse the narrator lets it be known, in a roundabout way, that his success as a professional musician has afforded him the opportunity to sleep with numerous women. And along the way, having grown weary of certain mainstream types, he now prefers to hook up with “dirty ladies”. So for whatever unspecified reason, the vocalist obviously equates “fat bottomed girls” with these kinds of women.

In the third verse, he also puts forth that sometimes as a result of his travels, there’s nothing but girls with large hineys available to him. But the singer doesn’t have any qualms with this reality, as he finds getting down with them to be sexually gratifying and an accomplishment also. Indeed, as inferred it takes “a big man” to satisfy a “big woman”.

So this is an interesting piece, to say the least. Most booty songs prove to be pretty straightforward in terms of admiring the size and shape of women with such an endowment. But reading in between the lines in this case, the vocalist, once again for whatever reason, seems to be implying that bigger women also have larger sexual appetites.

Facts about “Fat Bottomed Girls”

Brian May solely penned this track.

The production of the song was done by Queen in collaboration with English record producer and songwriter Roy Thomas Baker. FYI: Baker also produced Queen’s iconic song “Bohemian Rhapsody“.

On October 13, 1978, “Fat Bottomed Girls” was released as a double A-side single along with Mercury-penned “Bicycle Race”. Owing to this, radio stations tend to play both songs together. After “Fat Bottomed Girls”, they play “Bicycle Race” or vice versa.

A line from “Fat Bottomed Girls” references the Queen single “Bicycle Race”. The line in question is “Get on your bikes and ride!”. It’s noteworthy that a line from “Bicycle Race” also references this song.

The lead vocals on this track were handled solely by Mercury.  Roger Taylor and Brian May took care of the backing vocals.

The original artwork for this single was so offensive that it was banned. Queen was forced to alter it in order to remove the ban on it.

This single was a chart success. In the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number 24. In the UK Singles Chart, it performed better, peaking at number 11.

Did Queen make a music video for this classic?

Yes, they did. The official clip for this song was shot in Texas, United States. To be precise, it was filmed at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (formerly called the Dallas Convention Center) in Dallas, Texas.

Which album is “Fat Bottomed Girls” on?

It was released as one of the singles from Queen’s seventh studio album “Jazz”. “Jazz” was released on November 10 of 1978.

Recording of the album took place in three recording studios, including Mountain Studios, located in the Swiss municipality of Montreux. The other two are:

  • Super Bear studios in Berre-les-Alpes
  • Studio Miraval in Correns

The band shares production credits for the album with renowned English record producer, Roy Thomas Baker. “Jazz” became the final album of the band to be produced by Roy. Roy had a long working history with the band, spanning through their first four albums.

The album was officially released through the following record labels:

  • EMI Records
  • Elektra Records
  • Ariola Records

In 2011, “Jazz” was reissued by Queen’s new record label, Universal Music.

Aside from the release of four singles as a means of promoting the album, the band embarked on a world tour known as the “Jazz Tour”.

“Jazz” peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 in the United States. It was No. 2 in the UK.

The album has been certified, platinum by the RIAA in the US, gold in the UK, France, Germany as well as Austria. “Jazz” has also received a platinum certification in Poland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.  

46 Responses

  1. dumbquestion says:

    Meaning? How more clear cut can it get? Take it as you want it lol Goes both ways… Especially due to the fact that it’s sang by a [expletive].

  2. Terry Mac says:

    American underground comix legend Robert “R.” Crumb was also a huge fan of “fat bottomed girls”! Check out his 70’s artwork to find put what the attraction of a “fat bottomed girl” is!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It really doesn’t matter what the sexual orientation of the singer was. Brian May who was very much a heterosexual male, was the writer of the song. Freddie was Bi. The actual love of his life was in fact a female named Mary Austin.

    • Ro says:

      I mean, it’s like regeton but in a hig quality-poetry way of speaking. So GS everywhere anywhere will be the same. The difference is how GOOD you can speak about it

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you feel the need to virtue signal about the group that sang a song titled “Fat Bottomed Girls” you’ve got way too much time on your hands

  5. Kathy says:

    Love this song, another Queen song that stood the test of time.

  6. Ben Hamilton says:

    It sounds to me like this is a song about a guy who was sexually assaulted by his overweight nanny as a child. He lost his virginity to her and continued to have sex with overweight women as an adult.

    • Mark Stahl says:

      OMG Hahahahaha! Yup, you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly how I interpret this song. I also agree the sexuality of the singer bears no weighing effect on the meaning of the song. Freddie was actually bi. But he still LOVED something every single male, straight or gay LOVES………big ol’ butts!

      • Mikey says:

        This is what I’m online looking for info about yes. As a gay man, I can’t help but wonder if it was Fanny who “turned” Freddy bi. I’ve never met a guy who was into guys and large women. But Freddy was one of a kind so

        • Looking for Mercury's Queen says:

          Wondering the same thing as heterosexual black woman without a fat bottom lol

        • Anonymous says:

          If one gets offended by saying the f word, which offends me, stop making fun of overweight women. It’s equally offensive.

  7. Neviss says:

    Bingo! This song’s about p*dophi*ia, plain and simple. It’s amazing and hypocritical that it’s so popular; if the lyrics were “left alone with my daddy, he was such a ho*ny fatty, you made a bad girl out of me” and sung by a woman, people would be outraged, and rightly so.

  8. great big wobbly boobies says:

    i truthfully always believed that this was a taboo song, been with, or been attracted to larger women or men is seen as taboo by the media and at the time been gay was very taboo, especially with the aids epidemic, so i thought the song was saying im a guy i like men, but in a equally taboo way, saying im a skinny guy and i like big girls.

    like the song ‘big girl you are beautiful’ it annoys me that a gay good looking guy can say ye i like big women, if you like big women then be with them, you cant tell someone your attracted to them, when really your not because your gay, you could say you understand why people would think they were attactive, but nothing more, like me im a straight larger female but i can see why men and gay women would love great big wobbly boobies.

    just saying

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re an idiot

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think they’re an idiot

      • Anonymous says:

        True, he may be an idiot, but please allow him to embarrass himself with his biased opinion. … a gay man can still recognize when a woman (regardless of size) is beautiful, just as easily as another man, a woman or a child. Beauty is beauty. I am straight, and male, yet I can recognize when another man is handsome… my sensuality does not mean I am blind. But more to the point, I could sing a Country song about riding the range, driving my pickup truck or sleeping under the stars. I am not a Cowboy, don’t own a truck and ain’t even drinker….but nobody would call me out so singing a song that is clearly not about me. So don’t get your knickers in a twist about Freddy Mercury singing a song about women.

  9. Bunda Lover says:

    If there is a brazilian here would understand. We love “traseiros” aka “bunda” too.

  10. J says:

    Previous comments already said it all. This song is about sexual abuse in childhood. It’s so messed up, shows how male sexual abuse was a taboo at that time (and it still is)

  11. Inquiring Mind says:

    Doesn’t “bottom” in English slang mean “pu**y”?

    • A fan says:

      I don’t know about English slang, I’m American and I’ve always thought the word, “bottom” meant, “butt” “hiney” “a-s” “backside” or, “rear end”

    • welshbloom says:

      No, I suspect you’re thinking of (bizarrely enough) fanny, which is a bottom bottom in the US but a ‘front bottom’ in the UK. So now ‘Left alone with big fat fanny’ probably has a different meaning for you!

      By the way, I think Brian’s insistence that he was thinking in part about Freddie’s proclivities is a big dollop of retrospective bullshit.

  12. Teresa SP says:

    How can you not hear the sexual abuse take on this song? Left alone with big fat Fanny she was such a naughty nanny, hey big woman you made a bad boy out of me. His nanny totally molested him!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry but even in mesopotamia big hip woman (fat bottomed girls) would make the rocking world go round

  13. AlexIC says:

    And I thought this song was an ode to prostitution…. prostitutes (of whatever sexual orientation) that initiate and mature juveniles into “real” men. The last verse says it all – he’s got mortages and homes, .. no beauty queens in locality, yet he still finds his pleasures with….

    Now I got mortgages and homes
    I got stiffness in the bones
    Ain’t no beauty queens in this locality
    But I still get my pleasure
    Still got my greatest treasure
    Hey big woman you gonna make a big man out of me

  14. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is so hip cool and offended here ??

  15. Anon says:

    The line “get on your bikes and ride” may have a less literal meaning. In the UK the phrase “on your bike” is an idoiomatic expression often used as a typically vulgar dismissal, the equivalent of telling someone to “f— off.” It apparently is highly offensive to say.

    • River Phlegethon says:

      That’s a reference to their song “Bicycle Race”. and “Bicycle Race” reciprocates with the lyric “fat bottomed girls, they’ll be riding today”.

  16. brucetheblack says:

    Holy hellfire. You all are taking this fun song way too seriously. It was penned by Brian May who is heterosexual and sung by Freddie Mercury who was gay. Chill the heck out!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    May I also add, just because someone does not share your opinion, does not make their opinions less valid. It does not make them an idiot. However, even if it DID make that person an idiot, there is no need to point that out to them. … their posts show it clearly enough.

  18. Joe says:

    It’s my understanding that this song is actually about motorcycles more than anything else. Every time he says “Left alone with big fat Fanny”, “are you going to take me tonight?”, “are you going to let it all hang out”, “down beside that red fire light”, “mortgages on my home”, “still got my greatest treasure”, “Get on your bikes and ride”. Putting the lyrics “Get on your bikes and ride” may be a reference to the other song but makes no sense leaving it in this without providing context to the lyrics of this song. “Are you going to take me tonight?” Can we going to make it without any issues starting the engine. “are you going to let it all hang out” – will you kick your engine and show me all the torque you have, “Down beside that red fire light.” Another clue to motorcycles. He might be talking about the flames coming out of the exhaust. “Still got my greatest treasure.” I love this motorcycle. “I got mortgages on my home” I appreciate spending money and love to own things so I am willing to put a mortgage on my home, so I can have a motorcycle too.

  19. RockyTop says:

    This is a mediocre song best … almost like what a crowd of rednecks would might sing in Deliverance!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m aware that the song isn’t meant to be derogatory. In fact, quite the opposite. When it first came out girls (all sizes) were surprised at my apprehension

    I guess I’m just no fun

  21. Anonymous says:


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