Meaning of “Fathomless Maw” by Chelsea Grin

All the lyrics of “Fathomless Maw” considered, there is a lot going on in this song. But as far as the main sentiment being put across, as Chelsea Grin’s Stephen Rutishauser has explained, it basically revolves around the band criticizing the practice of getting caught up in the rat race. 

Or more specifically, this piece is meant to lash out at those who actually run such a system, i.e. subjugating the everyman to a life of unfulfilling repetitiveness. Moreover, considering that this track is named “fathomless maw”, the implication is that such parties are doing so in the name of maximizing profit, even though the lyrics never really take it there.

Usually when we come across tracks revolving around sentiments such as this one, some, if not most of the blame is placed upon the everyman for going along with the ultimately-fruitless flow to begin. 

And considering that the title of the album this song is derived from is “Suffer in Heaven”, perhaps there are others tracks on the playlist which take such a stance. But with this particular song, the blame seems to be more squarely placed on those who are actually running the system. 

Indeed based on the intro to the track, it’s as if Chelsea Grin is comparing the powers that be to “terrorists”. However, their brand of terror, as inferred with the rest of the lyrics, isn’t physical threats but rather weakening people’s resolve through various means until the masses go on to accept “subservience”.

“All these secrets, subservience
Forbidden knowledge, hysteria
But there’s something that is scarier
We’re cattle to something much more superior”

Stephen Rutishauser has referred to this song as being “about subservience” – the state of being submissive or obedient to someone or a group of people’s will or authority. According to him, we, the ordinary people, are told we have “free will” but that’s a pure lie. In his eyes, the ordinary man is nothing short of a “cattle to a greater process”.

In the video of “Fathomless Maw”, , we are introduced to a man who is forced to do work 9-to-5. The stressful and repetitive nature of his job and life are so unbearable that the man gradually begins losing his sanity.

According to Stephen, the video’s theme revolves around leading a dissatisfying life devoted to a higher purpose that shows little concern for your well-being, and the detrimental impact this can have on you at the end of the day.

Fathomless Maw

When was “Fathomless Maw” released?

The official release date for this tune was on February 17 of 2023. The group released the track from their “Suffer in Heaven” project. To note, said project marks the Grin’s seventh studio offering.

The group dropped “Suffer in Heaven” as a follow-up project, or better say, a part 2 of their sixth studio album “Suffer in Hell”.


“Fathomless Maw” was composed by the following members of the group:

  • Stephen Rutishauser
  • David Flinn
  • Tom Barber

This song’s production was handled by Jeff Dunne, a Portland-based auto engineer.

The music video to “Fathomless Maw” track was directed by Eric DiCarlo, who previously worked on several of the band’s songs including their single “Forever Bloom“, which they released in 2022.

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