“Forever Bloom” by Chelsea Grin (ft. Trevor Strnad)

It has been put out that the music video to “Forever Bloom” is supposed to be some type of a lighthearted affair.  

Also one of the members of Chelsea Grin, Stephen Rutishauser, has described this song as “paying homage to some of [the band’s] metal roots”. But that said, the actual lyrics do not read comical at all, nor is there anything contained therein that specifically points to the notion of them speaking to Chelsea Grin’s origins.

Instead, what we are met with is something like a philosophical and analytical outing. Most simply explained, let’s just say that the vocalist has a very pessimistic outlook on the state of the world. But in that regard, he isn’t harping on the likes of crime or pollution or sheisty politicians, as pop musicians usually do when they take such a stance. Rather he is presenting the human race, if you will, as one which is inherently cursed. 

So as revealed in the second verse, what it is that’s ‘forever blooming’ would be “the seeds of doom [that were] sewn”. And considering that the song which proceeds this on “Suffer in Hell” is titled “Origin in Sin”, said “seeds” may be speaking to a concept like the “Fall of Man” or what have you.

So as it currently stands we are living in a hopeless world, one in which “the weak” are exploited – and so forth. And the song concludes partially along the lines of asserting that we, as individuals, must ‘reconcile our own fate’. 

Going back to Rutishauser’s above-noted explanation, it would apparently be such a belief system that has mostly influenced Chelsea Grin’s artistry.


So ultimately there’s a whole lot being thrown about in this piece, speaking to the band’s understanding of the world as we know it, which has obviously been influenced, to some degree, by prevailing religious mythos. 

So it stands to reason that established fans of Chelsea Grin and the genre they specialize in will have a better appreciation of what’s being put forth, as opposed to the average listener.

Lyrics of  Chelsea Grin's "Forever Bloom"

Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin is actually the name of a band, one that specializes in a genre known as deathcore and hail from Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah. This act has been around since the late aughts and has consistently been dropping albums between now and then.

Release of “Forever Bloom”

Chelsea Grin’s sixth studio album is titled “Suffer in Hell”. This album is backed by a label known as ONErpm. “Forever Bloom”, which was released on 21 October 2022, is one of the songs from it that was issued in advance of the project.

This song features Trevor Strnad, the former frontman of similar rock band known as The Black Dahlia Murder, who just passed away, perhaps by suicide, earlier in 2022, at the age of 41.

Forever Bloom

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