Meaning of “i” by “Lil Skies

American rapper Lil Skies indeed wrote the track “i” about himself. Or to be more specific, this song is primarily about Skies’ intrapersonal struggles, which he is known to remedy with smoke.

The first verse is a mixture of joy and grief. For instance, Skies revels in his professional success while at the same time acknowledging the negativity of his surroundings, specifically in the music industry. In a later line, he seems to be relishing the fact that he has an expensive, high-tech car while in the next he warns females who fall for the lure of it that their hearts will be broken.

Then he begins the second verse by stating outright that he doesn’t “want the fame”. He also expresses forthrightly that he is dealing with some kind of “pain”. He closes this section by essentially dissing groupies, who he insinuates are only loyal due to the fame of the person they’re sweating.

In the chorus also, Skies makes unflattering remarks about a female who he obviously fell in love with.  So considering that the topic of his less-than-favorable romantic relationships with women come up, in one way or another, during every section of the song (except the intro), it can be deemed that such is the second-major theme of the song “i”, with the first being Skies’ attempts to deal with the inner discomfort he’s feeling due to aspects of his past and present.

Lyrics of "i"

Quick Facts about “i”

  • Lil Skies (whose real name is Kimetrius Foose) wrote the lyrics of this song, in their entirety. He is therefore the only songwriter with songwriting credits on the track.
  • “i” was produced by CuBeatz alongside Danny Wolf and another producer named Otxhello.
  • March 1, 2019 marked the official release date of “i”.

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