“Burning Memories” by Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Lil Skies)

The title of this track is largely based on Machine Gun Kelly’s opening verse as opposed to what Lil Skies has to say, which comes in later. In his verse, MGK talks about his mom deserting him when he was just 9 years old and how he has faced emotional pain as a result and not being able to link up with her in the 20 years since. And this experience has left him bitter, (partially) hoping to never see her again. So the titular “burning memories” are actually those of his mother leaving him (Machine Gun was raised by his dad). This is made even more apparent by the chorus as the rapper exclaims that the person he is addressing ‘showed him that just because they’re family don’t mean they relate’.

Lyrics of "Burning Memories"

Meanwhile Lil Skies starts off his verse by showing support for MGK. But overall what his section is about is his own mental instability. It also centers on his propensity towards violence, including against those who “f*** with” the people he loves.

So overall we can conclude that “Burning Memories” is about the emotional angst the artists are experiencing, though the sources of their anxiety differ. In MGK’s case it is based on reliving the fact that his mother abandoned him as a child. While for Lil Skies, it is more centered on what he is going through in the present. And what’s it that he’s going through? He is simply being distrustful of the people around him and on alert for threats from enemies. 

At the end, the song is brought home on a positive note by another artist, Fingazz, who asserts that “memories” will not get the best of the rappers. He further states that they will eventually transform “all the bad” into good.

“Burning Memories” is MGK’s first collabo with Lil Skies

Prior to “Burning Memories” Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Skies had never ever collaborated on a song. This is therefore their first time working alongside each other.

Date of Release of “Burning Memories”

Bad Boy Entertainment in conjunction with Interscope Records dropped “Burning Memories” on 5 July 2019. The song was released along with the rest of the album it is featured on, MGK’s Hotel Diablo.

Songwriting and Production

MGK’s regular collaborators SlimXX, JP Did This 1 and BazeXX produced the track along with Alex Lustig.

As for the writing of this song, it was done by MGK and Lil Skies along with the following:

  • Alex Lustig
  • SlimXX
  • BazeXX
  • Liv Marisco
  • John Stary
  • Earl St. Clair

Additional Vocals

In addition to Fingazz, another artist who has contributed additional vocals to this song is the singer Phem.

Was “Burning Memories” released as a single from Hotel Diablo?

No. Hotel Diablo (which came out as MGK’s fourth studio album) was supported by only three singles. These singles are:

  • “Hollywood Wh**e”
  • El Diablo
  • “I Think I’m Okay”

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