Meaning of “If You Think You Know How to Love Me” by Smokie

Smokie’s “If You Think You Know How To Love Me” tells a story of adventurous love and the quest for understanding between two partners. Here’s an explanation of the lyrics:

Setting and Adventure

The opening lines depict a fast-paced, adventurous setting. The characters are described as driving breathlessly through a downtown area and riding a motorbike in intense heat. This gives an idea of an exhilarating relationship filled with adventure.


Even as they flee from challenges (symbolized by the desert dust), they can’t escape completely, hinting at inescapable issues or trials in their relationship.

Intimacy and Strangers

The lines, “our movements traced by a stranger close by your side,” suggest an element of danger or mystery. Their relationship might be viewed or judged by outsiders, adding a layer of tension.

Seeking Understanding

The lyrics emphasize the need for understanding in the relationship. They desire guidance from each other: “show me a way to understand.”

Conditions for Commitment

The chorus conveys conditions for commitment. If the partner truly understands, needs, and desires the relationship, they must “lead the way.” The song stresses the importance of mutual effort in maintaining the relationship.

More Adventures and Challenges

The story of their adventures continues with a “reckless night in a nameless town,” again emphasizing the wild and unpredictable nature of their relationship.

Desire for Safety

Their search for a safe haven is depicted by the beach scene, indicating their mutual need for comfort and safety amidst the chaos.

Commitment and Understanding

The latter part of the song stresses commitment and the need for understanding. The singer acknowledges their partner’s power in the relationship (“you’ve got my life lying in your hand”), indicating vulnerability and trust. The emphasis is on mutual understanding and leading each other through challenges.

In essence, the song delves deep into the dynamics of a passionate, adventurous relationship, emphasizing the importance of understanding, guidance, and mutual effort for the relationship to thrive.

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