Meaning of “Pass It Around” by Smokie

“Pass it Around” revolves around the themes of personal struggles, self-worth, and the importance of sharing positivity and good experiences. Let’s break it down:

“Well do you know how it feels to be walkin’ around with your run down heels and do you know just how it looks to be left outside with your college books”

These lines depict feelings of being worn out, out of place, or underprivileged. The “run-down heels” can symbolize financial struggles or the weariness of life’s challenges. Being left outside with “college books” can imply feeling left out or sidelined despite efforts (like pursuing education).

“And the great thing about being you is you can do whatever you want to do”

This line highlights individuality and freedom. Regardless of the challenges one might face, there’s an inherent power in being oneself and the choices we make.

“So if you turn on to something good…Pass it around”

The recurring theme of the song emphasizes that when one discovers something positive or beneficial, it’s crucial to share it with others. This could mean sharing knowledge, happiness, opportunities, or any positive experience.

“Well do you know what it’s like to be locked inside nearly every night”

This could imply feelings of isolation, depression, or simply the challenges of a mundane routine.

“And do you know how people talk when you ain’t got a car so you walk, walk, walk”

This line sheds light on societal judgments. People often judge others based on superficial standards like material possessions. In this case, not having a car and needing to walk becomes a subject of gossip or judgment.

“Don’t keep it to yourself cos I ain’t got nothin’ else. Don’t keep it to yourself cos I need your help”

These lines reiterate the idea that sharing positive experiences or knowledge is essential. In a world filled with challenges and struggles, any bit of good or helpful information can be a beacon of hope or support for others.

Overall Interpretation

The song emphasizes empathy by asking listeners if they’ve experienced specific challenges or feelings of being left out. It conveys the message that everyone has the power of choice, and when faced with positive experiences or knowledge, it’s vital to share it with others. The lyrics promote the idea of community, support, and the ripple effect of good deeds.


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