Meaning of “Something’s Been Making Me Blue” by Smokie

“Something’s Been Making Me Blue” is a classic track by Smokie, a British rock band that dominated the music scene in the 70s. This was released in 1976.

Title: The title itself, “Something’s Been Making Me Blue,” sets the tone of the song. It suggests that there’s an unidentified reason for the singer’s sadness, which is later revealed to be related to love and heartbreak.

Lyrics and Themes of “Something’s Been Making Me Blue”

Lost Love: Throughout the song, the singer reminisces about a lost love. The lyrics reflect upon past moments, shared experiences, and the realization that those times are now over. This reflection and longing for the past contribute to the singer’s sorrow.

Reflection: There’s an element of introspection as the singer thinks about the relationship and tries to identify the moment things went wrong. By asking questions like “Did I do something wrong?”, the singer is trying to understand what led to the end of the relationship.

Acceptance: While the song deals with pain and sadness, there’s also an undercurrent of acceptance. The singer acknowledges that the love they once shared is gone, and while it causes pain, there’s also a recognition that life goes on. This acceptance, however, doesn’t diminish the hurt; it merely contextualizes it.

Emotional Appeal: The song’s lyrics resonate with many because they capture the universal feelings associated with heartbreak – the blend of sadness, confusion, and the desperate wish to understand what went wrong.

In summary, “Something’s Been Making Me Blue” is a poignant song that delves into the emotions surrounding the end of a romantic relationship. The lyrics touch upon the pain of heartbreak, the act of reflection, and the eventual acceptance of the situation. The song’s enduring appeal lies in its ability to encapsulate these universally relatable feelings.

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