Meaning of “Wild Wild Angels” by Smokie

The lyrics of “Wild Wild Angels” by Smokie address the pain and heartbreak of a failed relationship and the complexities of love and understanding. The song’s narrative depicts the struggles and challenges of those who dare to live and love differently, symbolized by the term “wild wild angels.”

“Don’t talk to me of shattered dreams”:

The singer begins by rejecting any shallow or insincere sentiments about broken dreams or aspirations. The mention of “shattered dreams” indicates past heartbreak or unfulfilled desires.

“To live for someone else, you can’t just take”:

This line underscores the idea of selflessness in love. True love requires sacrifice and thinking of another’s well-being, rather than just taking or being selfish.

“When you’re bitten by the truth, You blame it on your mis-spent youth”:

The singer calls out the individual for not taking responsibility for their actions, instead blaming past mistakes on their youth.

“Don’t talk to me of wild wild angels”:

The chorus introduces the metaphor of “wild wild angels.” These angels symbolize individuals who are unorthodox, free-spirited, or not bound by societal norms. They navigate the “skyways” and “highways” of life, enduring challenges and judgments.

“it’s people like you who never knew What wild wild angels have to face”:

The singer criticizes the other person for their lack of understanding and empathy towards these “angels.” This person fails to recognize the difficulties faced by those who choose a path less traveled or who dare to love and live differently.

“I ain’t hangin’ round to see You turn on someone else like me”:

This line suggests the singer won’t stick around to see the other person hurt someone else the way they’ve hurt him.

“Such simple things you fail to see”:

The singer implies that the other person lacks depth or the ability to understand the intricacies of love and relationships.

Overall, “Wild Wild Angels” uses the metaphor of angels to discuss the trials and tribulations faced by those who love deeply and genuinely. The repeated chorus emphasizes the judgment and misunderstandings these “angels” endure from those who don’t comprehend their way of life. The song acts as both a lament for lost love and a declaration of self-worth and understanding.

Facts about “Wild Wild Angels”

It was released in 1975 as part of their album “Midnight Café.”

The song, like many of Smokie’s hits, was written by the songwriting duo Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, who were behind many successful tracks for various artists during the 1970s.

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