Meaning of “Kids” by OneRepublic

“Kids” is a track by the renowned American band, OneRepublic. The lyrics of “Kids” tell the story of certain interesting events in the young life of OneRepublic’s frontman and lead vocalist Ryan Tedder.

In an interview with Forbes, Tedder said the song’s lyrics are autobiographical since they are based on a true story in the youthful years of his life. According to him, the song is about how he and a friend of his (whom he called a “disaster of a friend) felt invincible and brazenly did whatever they wanted to do during the “summers in between school”.

According to him, he finds the song very interesting since “it’s nostalgic”.

Sound of “Kids” inspired by the band M83

On a number of news outlets, Tedder has said the sound of this track was inspired by the “80s-style synthpop” sound of such acts as the French electronic music project M83. According to him, since he and his band members love M83, they decided to create “something that captures the spirit of what they love about” the French band and that’s how come they created the synthpopish sound of “Kids”.

Lyrics of Kids by OneRepublic

Facts about “Kids”

  • This track was written by Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle (bassist and cellist of OneRepublic), American arranger and songwriter Brandon Michael Collins and American songwriter Steven Reed Wilmot.
  • The production of “Kids” was handled by all the track’s songwriters with the exception of Brandon Collins.
  • “Kids” was released on August 12, 2016 as the second single from OneRepublic’s fourth studio album titled Oh My My.
  • The music video of this song was directed by music video director Hal Kirkland (who is also known by the moniker Prettybird). The video was shot in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City.
  • The track peaked at number 96 on the US Billboard Hot 100. On the UK Singles Chart, it made it to number 58.
  • In 2016, the song was famously used in the Italian-American automobile manufacturer Chrysler’s “Pacifickids” Christmas ad campaign.



Does “Kids” sample any song from the French band M83?

Despite the sound of the track being inspired by the band M83, the track doesn’t sample any of M83’s songs. As a matter of fact, “Kids” doesn’t sample any song. It is 100% original.

What musical genre is “Kids”?

It falls in the following categories: electropop and pop rock.


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