“Wanted” by OneRepublic

“Wanted” is a track centered on the subject of the song being lonely. It is told largely from a romantic perspective. However, its meaning has a general applicability, in that it speaks to the common need for individuals to feel as if they are important to others.

And the lady at the center of the song is in a situation where she has no one to show her that type of individual affection. Indeed in the grand scheme of things, she feels almost as if her existence doesn’t matter. But she is tired of being depressed and is seeking a positive change in her life. And more to the point, all she is seeking is “a little love” and the feeling that someone out there has an emotional dependency on her.

And the way that OneRepublic themselves relate to the situation is by empathizing with what she is going through. For they understand that, once again, desiring the affection of others is more or less a fundamental human concern.

Lyrics of "Wanted"

Writing and Production of “Wanted”

OneRepublic members Brent Kutzle along with Ryan Tedder contributed to both the writing and production of “Wanted”.

Tyler Spry also served as a co-writer and co-producer of the track. And additional co-writers are Casey Smith and Zach Skelton.

Release Date

Tedder first made this song public in mid-2018. However, it was not released by September of 2019 (to be precise September 6, 2019). “Wanted” was released through Interscope Records as well as Mosley Music Group.

On which OneRepublic album does “Wanted” appear?

At the date of the song’s release, it appeared on no album in particular. However, it is apparent it would appear on the band’s fifth studio album. Other releases likely to feature on this album include:

  • “Somebody to Love”
  • Rescue Me
  • “Connection”

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