Meaning of “Parasail” by Travis Scott (ft. Yung Lean)

Outside of trying to figure out certain specifics behind the titular metaphor, this terse piece (“Parasail”) is perhaps the simplest song found on Travis’ “Utopia” album. It buttresses which is sort of an implied subtheme permeating throughout the album, which is remaining focused and doing what you have to do even amidst distractions. And let’s say that in the case of Travis, said distractions are particularly of the internal variety.

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Indeed, even as of this dropping, he’s still dealing with some degree of backlash as a result of the Astroworld Festival crowd crush of 2021. 

At one point, i.e. shortly after the incident transpired, it even looked like his music career may be over. And whereas Travis still being around may have taken some forgiving and forgetting on the part of the music industry at large, as implied in the bridge of this song, Scott also had to forgive himself. 

It’s easy to imagine how that stampede could have bent him out of shape also. But instead the vocalist has chosen “to stand tall”, “feel good” and “feel free”, exercising the power of positivity thinking, if you will.


As for the title, in the chorus we find Travis “riding parasail” as he ‘rolls through the grass’. Parasailing is a sport, the one in which you see people gliding through the air in a parachute while being pulled by a motorboat. 

So it isn’t something someone would do over land, but we get the point nonetheless, that said action is meant to represent the vocalist’s free-flowing attitude, or something to that effect. However, the way he proceeds to mention “grass”, “trees”, “the bush” and “a glass” in that regard makes it sound as if there’s something deeper going on here. 

It may be that “the trees” are symbolic of obstacles and distraction. But with that being said, this is obviously a song of resiliency nonetheless.

Perhaps it can be argued that if a lesser artist had gone through what Travis Scott has had to endure over the past couple of years, he would have folded. But Scott, as presented, is strong-willed, besides having A-listers such as Dave Chappelle holding him down via the intro and bridge, i.e. the only two parts of the song which are direct and to the point. 

And as for Yung Lean’s contribution, with this being “Utopia” and all of course there had to be at least one part of the song that is relatively difficult to understand. So in the outro for instance, when we find Lean “wonder(ing) what you wanna do when you’re not with me”, there is no clear indication of whom it is he is relaying that statement to.

“Ridin’ parasail, rollin’ through the grass
Shadin’ out the trees
Lookin’ through a glass
Watchin’ by the bushes, waitin’ on a breeze
You is all I need
Water movin’ fast, washin’ memories, tryna make it last

Credits for “Parasail”

“Parasail” was written by an ensemble of artists including:

  • Buddy Ross
  • Dave Chappelle
  • Don Toliver
  • Jahaan Sweet
  • Noah Goldstein
  • Travis Scott
  • Vegyn
  • Yung Lean

Scott, Sweet, Ross, Vegyn, Goldstein and ANTHRO also receive production credits for “Parasail”.

Date of Release

Travis Scott unveiled his album “Utopia,” his fourth studio production, on July 28th, 2023. “Parasail” appears as one of the songs on the album. It shares the same release date as the album.


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