Meaning of “Save That” by Rich the Kid

The gimmick behind the track “Save That” is for Rich the Kid to use the titular phrase in a variety of ways throughout the song. However, he seems to be primarily alluding to the necessity for himself and others to preserve part of their income.

By observing the lyrics of “Save That”, the listener will realize that Rich himself has no aversion to spending money. For instance, he mentions his expensive cars and the fact that he is willing to spend “eight racks” just to buy a purse for his woman. However, this is based on Rich being able to ‘flip money’ and make twice as much in return. Indeed he seems to have a virtually unlimited amount of cash, on top of demanding a high price for his professional services.

Furthermore, despite his enviable lifestyle, he is more than just a careless spender. For instance, Rich advocates investing income. Additionally he is obviously a big fan of saving money.

That said, this track is more than just an outline of Rich the Kid’s lavish lifestyle and financial philosophies. For instance, he gives a notable shoutout to the record label he founded, Rich Forever Music. He also uses the song to point out that now that he has “made it”, he is the recipient of a lot of hate. Additionally, Rich brings up some interactions he has with women who seem to want to capitalize in one way or another by dealing with him, but overall he has no time to tend to such trivialities. Indeed to all those who wish drama upon him or are trying to take advantage of him, his reply to them is simply to “save that”.

Quick Facts about “Save That”

  • Songwriter(s): Rich the Kid penned “Save That” with American producer and songwriter D.A. Doman.
  • Producer(s): In addition to contributing writing to “Save That”, Doman also produced it.
  • Release Date: March 22, 2019 was the day Rich the Kid released this track to the world. It is the fifth track on his 2019 album The World Is Yours 2.
  • Record Label(s): The song was released through Rich’s own label (Rich Forever) and Interscope Records.
  • Interesting Stuff: With a total run time of just 2:30, “Save That” is the second shortest track on the aforementioned album.

Was “Save That” released as a single from The World Is Yours 2?

No. That album (which is Rich’s second studio album) produced only three singles, namely “Splashin”, “4 Phones” and “Tic Toc”. Despite not being released as singles, this song and “Two Cups” (featuring Big Sean and Offset) are among the most outstanding tracks on the album in question.

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