“Two Cups” by Rich the Kid (Featuring Big Sean & Offset)

If you asked us, we would say there is really nothing revolutionary about Rich The Kid, Big Sean and Offset’s song “Two Cups” in terms of content. In other words, it is the usual fare you would expect from these artists – money, women and street violence as well as the title of the track itself alluding to alcohol consumption. However, what has caught the attention of hip-hop fandom is the high level of lyricism displayed throughout, especially by Big Sean.

Offset of the Migos – who is responsible for the chorus, outro, his own individual verse and a joint verse with the other artists – gets more airtime in “Two Cups” than anyone else. By and large, the primary focus of his lyrics is his wealth and the inability of others to match it. And the “two cups” he refers to is not only a reference to alcohol beverages but also an acknowledgement of the fact that he has two women enjoying them simultaneously, with the implication being that afterwards he is going to be involved in a very intimate activity with both of them.

Rich the Kid focuses on affluence more than any of the others. For instance, he mentions a number of high-priced cars he apparently owns in addition to his jewelry, “brand new mansion”, etc. And of course he insinuates that this materialism appeals to women.

Big Sean is the only one who really deviates from the topic of bragging about his income. Rather his verse is more dedicated to the work ethic and social ideologies he attributes to his success. Moreover he expresses the sentiment that he is not interested in falling in love since he is “heartless”. Finally, Sean does bring up his wealth but more along the lines of his ability to generate it rather than comparing it to those who do not have as much.

Ultimately Rich the Kid and his homeys have teamed-up to bring us a standard rap track, with Big Sean more or less stealing the show.

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