“Daddy” by Blueface (ft. Rich the Kid)

“Daddy” is a collaboration between Blueface and East Coast rapper Rich the Kid, detailing intimate encounters they engage in with various women. The rappers rap about exchanging expensive handbags for no-strings-attached affairs.  In fact they are not even interested in verbally communicating with these women, just having fun!

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Song’s Title  

The title of the song is derived from certain lines in which the rappers state that the aforementioned females “call (them) daddy”, even though they are obviously not such. This basically alludes to the control they are exerting over these ladies based on the latter’s desire to receive material compensation from them.

In all, this is an interesting song based on two young rappers bragging about their financial domination and bedroom exploitation of women. It follows a general trend in hip-hop of rappers boasting about their bedroom adventures while increasingly acknowledging that they are able to do so due to their cashflow.

Lyrics of "Daddy"

Facts about “Daddy”

  • “Daddy” is a special track for both Blueface and Rich. And why is this? Because it serves as their first collabo with each other.
  • Blueface and Rich the Kid namedrop a number of luxury fashion designers in references to the handbags they buy for their female friends. This list includes: “Dolce Gabbana”, “Louis” Vuitton, “Gucci”, “Fendi”, “Prada”, “Balenciaga”, “Chanel” and “Jimmy Choo”.
  • “Daddy” was produced by Mike Crook and Blueface’s regular collaborator, Scum Beatz. The former also co-wrote the song along with Blueface and Rich the Kid.
  • On 10 June 2019 Rich the Kid teased the release of this song (and its music video) via Instagram. The song was eventually released on 14 June 2019.

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