“Talk to Me (Remix)” by Tory Lanez (featuring Lil Wayne, Rich the Kid and DJ Stevie J)

“Talk to Me (Remix)” is a song released by Tory Lanez featuring DJ Stevie J, Rich the Kid and the legendary Lil Wayne. The song is basically an ode to careless, uncommitted relationship/physical intimacy and being willing to spend a lot of money to achieve it with a desirable female.


The intro to the Talk to Me remix is basically a warm-up to the track and gives a shoutout to both Tory Lanez and DJ Stevie J.


The chorus basically highlights a scenario where the singer is in the presence of a classy yet stuck-up female who he plans to hook up with. The singer also enjoys it very much when said female converses with him.

Verse 1

Lil Wayne’s verse picks up where the chorus left off, by stating that he is with a female with the intent of having physical intimacy, even though he insinuates their relationship doesn’t necessarily seem to be based on love. However, he does express his commitment to the female and his expectations for the relationship. For instance, he questions whether she would be down to physically fight another woman in his name. He also indicates that even though she is in another relationship, he is willing to spend more money on her than the other man. He concludes the verse by complimenting her physical appearance and pointing out that her sweet words are like music to his ears.

Post Chorus

The post chorus suggests that the interaction between the singer and the woman may be occurring in a club, since he’s telling the girl to “go, go, go” and “drop to the floor”, as if encouraging her to dance or some other sort of action, on top on instructing her to “tell the crew I got money, I’m the one you wanna know”, signifying that her attraction to him is based on monetary reward and that there are other people involved in the transaction, as in perhaps bouncers or competing males.

Verse 2

Tory Lanez’ verse is basically a continuation of the post chorus, where he spends most of the bars highlighting his material wealth and bragging about the quality of the women he’s having affairs with. The verse ends with him giving a shoutout to his own admirable level of brilliance with women.

Verse 3

One of the main differences between Rich the Kid’s verse and Tory Lanez’ is that Rich actually mentions how good the female is in bed.  Another dissimilarity is that he never talks about his own skills in the sack. In tune with the chorus, he states explicitly that he is not looking for a love but rather a brief affair. However, somewhat conversely based on his lyrics, he does seem to be willing to spend more money on a woman than even his collaborators on the track.

Quick Facts about “Talk to Me (Remix)

  • The lyrics of “Talk to Me (Remix)” were penned by Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne and Rich the Kid.
  • Producers Smash David and Rekless produced this track.
  • The track formally came out on November 25, 2018.
  • As the title of this song implies, it is an official remix of another song titled “Talk tO Me”. The original version of that song was performed by Tory Lanez and Rich the Kid.
  • This song can be found on the album LoVE mE NOw? The album in question is the third studio album of Tory Lanez’s career.


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