Meaning of “Medellín” by Madonna & Maluma

This is a romantic song in which Madonna and Maluma portray the role of two aspiring lovers. Maluma is a Colombian musician, and accordingly, the track is in both English and Spanish. Moreover it is set in his home country, with Medellin being the second-largest city in Colombia.

The track seems to be based on both fantasy and reality. Madonna begins the song as someone who is feigning naivety in the name of making herself more privy to Maluma’s advances, but parts later in the track would insinuate they are indeed involved. Meanwhile Maluma’s verses have him more or less kicking it to Madonna, as in trying to convince her to get romantically involved with him.

Lyrics of "Medellín"

The fantasy aspect of this song also comes to play in that Madonna’s character may not actually be in Colombia but rather is just imagining herself there. In other words, she and Maluma are dreaming about being with each other romantically. Along the same vein, the track itself is meant to be a work of fiction within the bigger framework of the Madame X album, as throughout the project Madonna takes on the role of secret agent who assumes various identities.

Despite the sections of the song that are based on dreams as opposed to those based on reality, the consistent theme that plays throughout is the two singers being romantically enthralled with each other. 

What is the meaning of “Medellín”? Is it an English word?

To begin with, Medellín is not an English word. It is a city in the South American country of Colombia. As a matter of fact it is the second largest city in that country.

Facts about “Medellín”

  • “Medellin”, released on 17 April 2019, is the lead single from Madonna’s 2019 album “Madame X”, and it premiered on Apple’s Beats 1 radio station.
  • The titular Medellín is the second-largest city in Columbia and is actually Maluma’s hometown.
  • This song was teased in February of 2019 when Maluma posted a picture of himself in Instagram in the studio with Madonna.
  • A couple of days prior to its release (15 April 2019) Madonna also posted the cover art for “Medellín” via her personal social media accounts.
  • The music video premiered as part of an MTV special broadcast live from London on 24 April 2019.
  • Madonna and Maluma performed the track live during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on 1 May.
  • The word Medellín is perhaps best known as the name of an infamous Colombian drug cartel, which Madonna actually acknowledges in the lyrics of the song.
  • Madonna produced this track alongside French producer Mirwais Ahmadzaï, who she has worked with extensively in the past.
  • Madonna, Maluma and Mirwais Ahmadzaï also wrote the track with further assistance from Edgar Barrera.
  • The label behind the publication of “Medellin” is Interscope Records.

Is this the first collaboration between Maluma and Madonna?

Yes. The pair first met at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards in August of 2018.

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