“Crave” by Madonna & Swae Lee

 “Crave” is fundamentally a love song whereupon the artists are expressing their “cravings” for each other. And they are saying that once they feel this way about a person, the feelings can get “dangerous”.  Or more specifically, when they fall in love, they fall in love deep.  And “the feelings never fade” and moreover may extend even “to the grave”.

Under such circumstances, while Madonna and Swae Lee are clearly interested in each other, at the same time they are cautioning “not to play with this”. And now that they have let the other know exactly what’s “on the line”, they have no desire to “wait” and are ready to get their romance on and popping.

"Crave" lyrics

Facts about “Crave”

  • As of the official release date of this track (on 10 May 2019), Madonna (60) is 37 years older than Swae Lee (23).
  • This is the third single overall that Interscope Records released from Madonna’s 2019 album, Madame X. On the same album appear the singles “I Rise” and “Medellín
  • “Crave” was written by Madonna, Swae Lee and Starrah.    
  • Madonna also co-produced the song in partnership with Billboard and Mike Dean.
  • “Crave” was actually leaked onto the internet a couple of days before its official release.

Is this Madonna’s first collaboration with Swae Lee?

Yes, it is her first time working with Lee.

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