“Pa Ti + Lonely” by Jennifer Lopez & Maluma

This is actually a combination of two songs, that is, “Pa Ti” and “Lonely” which were a collaborative project by the two singers. In the song “Pa Ti”, the singer (Jennifer Lopez) was telling her lover (Maluma), who happens to be her bodyguard, that though she was living a luxurious life, she’s ready to make time for him. This is realized in one of her verses where she indicated that, “I want to pamper you, I give you what you want”.

“Lonely”, on the other hand, talks about convincing that loved one to come back, though they might have been some issues in the past. The singer tries to advice that special person to let go his/her ego and return back to old ways. One can conclude that the singer was having a difficult time due to the absence of that loved one and wish things could change sooner than later.


Maluma and Jennifer Lopez worked together with at least nine other songwriters to pen this collaboration.  


A large team of producers also worked together to have the song produced. Some of the producers include Edgar Barrera and Jon Leone.




September, 2020

Artists’ comments

Jennifer Lopez, in an interview, indicated that her naturally forged relationship with Maluma made recordings very easy and fun.

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