“Meet Me Halfway” by The Black Eyed Peas

The lyrics of The Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet Me Halfway” center on love and compromise. They also talk about desires and feelings. The song’s narrator greatly misses their partner. At the beginning, he mentions that his biggest wish is to be with her because he wants her so badly. He talks about how he thinks about her a lot every single day and how much he misses her and the things they used to do. Now he wants to know what is going on with her and what she is doing now especially since it was just about the two of them initially.

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He goes on to sing in the chorus that he will wait for her at the border which is halfway to where she is and that she should meet him there. He mentions that he will wait all day; day and night. His heart can only get him to the border and he can’t go farther than that.
In the second verse, he mentions that he has been all over the world and that she should let him know where she wants him to meet her and he will.  He wants to be with her every day because he is in love with her.

All he wants is for her to be willing to meet him halfway so they can continue with their love affair.

Facts about “Meet Me Halfway”

“Meet  Me Halfway”  was their third single from their “The E.N.D” album, which was produced by Will.i.am and Keith Harris. The song‘s writing credits go to the following:

  • S. Ferguson
  • W. Adams
  • A. Lindo
  • J. Baptiste
  • S. Gordon
  • K. Harris
  • J. Gomez

In October of the year the song was released they moved to number sixty seven in the UK Singles Chart. Roughly a week later, they had made it to number three. 

Black Eyed Peas performed their track at the American Music Awards in the same year.

When the song was released, it made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number seventy-five (peak position). 

A little over a month later, it had swiftly risen to number seven.

N-Dubz released a cover of the track in the middle of 2010. The Futureheads also recorded a cover of this song their “Rant” album.

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