“Mexico” by Clinton Kane

To note, even though Clinton Kane may resemble a Latino to some viewers, he is not from Mexico or any of its environs. Nor, by the looks of things, has he ever actually been to said country yet. 

Rather, “Mexico” is referenced in the second verse in terms of being a location where the vocalist unexpectedly finds himself. And more to the point of what’s being put forth is that he’s suffering from a serious, borderline-suicidal case of depression.

So the implication is that the reason he “woke up somewhere down in Mexico” is because amidst his melancholy, the vocalist went drifting, perhaps in search of “a home” that he “never had”.

And Clinton has gone on to explain that this piece is based on his real-life bouts with depression and the fact that he grew up in an environment where acknowledging such issues was not encouraged. So as usual as far as artists dealing with such issues goes, he felt it cathartic finally getting these emotions out into the world and wanting listeners who may be going through similar dilemmas to relate to Mexico.

Lyrics for Clinton Kane's "Mexico"

Clinton Kane

As of the release of this track on 28 October 2022, Clinton Kane can still be considered a relative newcomer on the scene, in that his discography only dates back to 2019. And along the way, he has dropped one solid hit, “I Guess I’m in Love” (2021), which was part of his debut LP, “Maybe Someday It’ll All Be OK” (2022). 

“Mexico” is the first single he has come out with in the aftermath of that album.

Is “Mexico” a self-written song?

Yes, Clinton penned this track with Steve Rusch, the latter of whom also served as the song’s producer.

According to Kane, being able to channel his feelings via music is a very important to him. This is because it helps him get in touch with himself. And that’s exactly what he has done with his song “Mexico”. According to him, growing up, he was never given the freedom to acknowledge his depression. Therefore being able to achieve that via “Mexico” gave him great relief.


Comfort to the Soul (Fans’ Views)

As “Mexico” is Clinton’s way of finding relief from depression, it has also comforted the souls of his fans who have been dealing with similar issues. One reached out to say that he found “Mexico” just as he is going through the worst break up in his life. Having been dealing with mental and health issues in addition to that, the song has given him some reassurance.

Another fan even switched the roles of being a comfort to the artist himself as he shares that humanity never wants to lose him, especially him. He carried on to affirm Clinton that he’s beautiful and loved. This touching comment received a reply from Clinton with a “u too <3”.

And everyone loves a success story. So when an artist tunes into his vulnerable side and show everyone that he’s just as lost as anyone else, but eventually he makes it in life, it gives hope and strength to many fans.

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