“Go to Hell” by Clinton Kane

Clinton Kane’s “Go to Hell” is a breakup song, with the vocalist reeling from the dissolution of a romantic relationship that was so serious even his friends are concerned for his current wellbeing. 

And the way the scenario is described is as if his ex dumped him for another guy. Indeed it is such that in the present, the narrator isn’t even sure if she was messing with dude throughout their entire relationship.

But in a way, by this juncture whether or not that is true is beside the point. It is more than obvious that Clinton still loves her, as he admits as much in the second verse. But that said, he’s not taken kindly to the way he’s been betrayed. And that’s where the title of this song comes into play, as he is telling his ex as well, as her new man, that the both of them can “go to hell”.

So even though this song is pretty easy to understand, at the same it is also kinda complex emotionally, a sort of love/hate dynamic being relayed from the vocalist toward the addressee. For the time being, his established love for her clearly remains intact. But concurrently, due to the way she did him dirty in his eyes, he thoroughly hates her, as well as her new boyfriend.

Clinton Kane, "Go to Hell" Lyrics

Release of “Got to Hell”

This track was released on 3 December 2021, after first being teased in early September of the same year. And “Go to Hell” will be featured on Clinton Kane’s debut album, which at this time remains unnamed, furthermore being the final installment in a trilogy of songs which appear on said project.

Clinton Kane

Clinton Kane is a singer from Brunei but, since his parents are from the nearby Philippines, is classified as Filipino. He is a self-taught musician who proved skillful enough to earn a contract from Columbia Records, one of the biggest labels in the world, in 2019, i.e. the same year Clinton turned 20 years old. 

The earlier songs in his discography didn’t meet with much success. But Kane’s most recent single, “I Guess I’m in Love” (2021), is also his best performing thus far in that it has charted globally.

Go to Hell

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