Michael Jackson’s “Give In to Me” Lyrics Meaning

Like many of Michael Jackson’s classics, this particular tune is based on a romance. But the highlight of this particular case is that the singer is dealing with a toxic partner. And from the onset MJ expresses a sense of disappointment at this reality, as he apparently perceived her as someone he could build a fruitful, lifelong relationship with. Indeed the chorus and title itself is centered on his ideology of this individual acquiescing to his love.  And this is specifically within the context of the singer having an emotional/romantic dependency on this woman.

So on one hand we can say the prevailing sentiment is the singer trying to convince this lady to “give in to” him. But on the other, he seems to have also concluded that the chances of her truly making an effort to “understand” him are minuscule.


So conclusively, we can say that in this song Michael is taking on the role of an abused lover. He is mistreated – even publicly taunted – by the woman he loves. And whereas he is privy to trying to get her to change her ways, he also acknowledges that there is a good possibility that this is the type of relationship which he may ultimately have to walk away from.

Lyrics of "Give In to Me"

Music Video

The music video to “Give In to Me” features Michael Jackson, Slash and others jamming at a rock concert. The video was filmed in Munich, one of the biggest cities in Germany, just as Jackson was about to embark on his Dangerous World Tour.

Facts about “Give In To Me”

Slash, of Guns N’ Roses’ fame – who also played guitar on “Black or White”, another of the songs from the Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” album – also does so on this track. Additionally, Slash officially collaborated with the King of Pop on a couple of songs he dropped in later years.

“Dangerous” was officially released by Epic Records on 26 November 1991. And “Give In to Me” was in fact issued as a single from that project, but only in Europe and Oceania.

But where it was released it proved quite successful, which included topping music charts in Ireland, Poland and New Zealand. Furthermore, it scored a number two in Britain and charted in over 15 countries overall.

Moreover this song has been certified Gold in a number of countries, including Australia.

Michael Jackson wrote and produced “Give In to Me” with Bill Bottrell. Bill is actually someone Michael worked with quite extensively, especially on the “Dangerous” album.

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