“Middle of a Breakup” by Panic! At the Disco 

It doesn’t appear that the vocalist and addressee are in the “middle of a breakup” per se. Rather, reading in between the lines, what we’re dealing with here is a tumultuous romance or one in which the singer, who is a participant, doesn’t perceive anything special about. For instance, he goes about relaying that he and his partner “ain’t no star-crossed lovers”, nor are they “Bonnie and Clyde”. Instead it’s like they gave this relationship their all but still found it wanting.

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Well actually, there is one particular aspect of this association which rationalizes its perpetuation. And that is, most simply put, the lovemaking. Or as implied, every time the vocalist is about to call it quits, i.e. after he and the addressee have had some type of major disagreement, it is the “makeup sex” which reminds him ‘why they fell in love’ in the first place. 

And whereas the entire presentation may be semi-comical, it is true that, if nothing else, gratifying sex is an important part of many, if not most standing romances.

So the singer goes about telling the addressee that she is his “favorite drug”.  And all lyrics considered, that’s just a fancy way of saying that despite their otherwise incompatibility, the pleasure he derives from the physical side of their relationship will keep him devoted.

Lyrics to "Middle of a Breakup"

Release of “Middle of a Breakup”

Panic! at the Disco began the teasing of this track (“Middle of a Breakup”) a couple of weeks prior to its release.

They formally released it on the 20th of July, 2022. This tune is one of the songs from the act’s seventh-studio album, “Viva Las Vengeance”. It is actually the album’s second single. On June 1st, 2022, the album’s first single (“Viva Las Vengeance“) was officially dropped.


The entire band is credited with writing this song. And its producers are Butch Walker, Mike Viola and Jake Sinclair, none of whom are members of Panic! at the Disco, which is more or less a one-man act being held down by Brendon Urie.

There is a music video to this track, as produced by Brendan Walter, which was reportedly inspired by the classic musical film Grease.

Middle of a Breakup

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