“Roses” by Benny Blanco & Juice WRLD (Ft. Brendon Urie)

“Roses” is a song about heartbreak and the subsequent emotional reactions the artists’ have as a result. Juice WRLD starts off the track by recounting the tale of a woman he fell in love with. Indeed he gave her “all” that he had to offer. However, the relationship has failed. Now he feels so hurt and confused that he questions his own intelligence for allowing this woman into his heart.

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So in the first verse we see that one way Juice is dealing with the situation is by engaging in careless romance with other women, who he states are at his beck and call. He also attributes his lack of success in the aforementioned relationship to his partner having a flawed personality and fake character.

Brendon Urie then picks up on this theme by detailing his feelings for a woman he’s also in love with.  But it seems that she is not genuinely concerned for him. However, he still expresses affection for her and his earnest desire that she felt the same about him.

The song concludes with another verse by Juice WRLD. He delves even further into his personal anguish by stating that the woman who stole his heart did so effectively that he now he feels humiliated.  However he is ready to terminate the relationship and move on to the next chapter of his life.


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