“ME!” by Taylor Swift (Ft. Brendon Urie)

“ME!” is the title of a 2019 romantic song by singer Taylor Swift. It also features the vocals of Brendon Urie (lead singer of Panic! at the Disco). The lyrics of “ME!” center on two very important things in life. And what are these things? The first one is self-love and the second is confidence.

Lyrics of Taylor Swift's "ME!"

What Taylor Swift has said about “ME!”

Shortly before the song was released, Swift explained to Robin Roberts of ABC what the song’s lyrics mean. According to her, the song focuses on embracing our respective individualistic traits and celebrating them. She expressed her hope that upon listening to this song, the listener would end up feeling good about him or herself.

Below are Taylor Swift’s words, regarding the meaning of “ME!”:

Taylor Swift explains the meaning of "ME!"

Music Video for “ME!”

To begin with, Taylor Swift personally directed the video along with Dave Meyers. The video begins with Swift arguing with her partner (Brendon). Swift then angrily walks out of the room only to find herself in an unearthly and dreamlike world, where she happily starts singing. Brendon soon joins her in that world and sings joyfully with her. At the end, they put their differences aside, have the fun of their lives in that fantasy world and happily reunite.

Fun “ME!” Video Trivia

  • Taylor Swift’s famous cats Meredith and Olivia appear in the official music video of “ME!”. In the clip, Swift interestingly refers to them as her “young daughters”!
  • The language Swift and Brendon speak at the beginning of the clip is French.
  • Within just about 2 hours of being published on YouTube, the video fetched over 12 million views from around the globe. If that isn’t astonishing, then we don’t know what is!

Interpretation of Taylor Swift’s “Me!”: By Another Hand

This is a track which is designed to reinforce the self-esteem of the audience. Or put another way, Tay Tay wants to instill a positive sense of self-worth in listeners via this track.

The setting of “Me!” is founded on the singers (Taylor Swift along with Brendon Urie) taking on the roles of lovers having a conversation with each other. And what they are basically saying is that, despite their challenging personalities, they are one of a kind. Indeed they also recognize the extraordinary uniqueness of each other and conclusively big one another up by expressing mutual appreciation for having such an “awesome” partner.

Ultimately the singers recognize that there are other potential lovers out there. But they also acknowledge none of these people are as special as they are. But the sentiment this track is based on is not one of exalting yourself over others. Rather it is centered on the individual recognizing his or her own special qualities and embracing the characteristics which make them unique.

Facts about “ME!”

  • Republic Records officially published “ME!” on all major-streaming platforms on 26 April 2019.
  • The song was written by Brendon Urie (lead singer of the rock band Panic! At the Disco), Taylor Swift and Joel Little.
  • Taylor Swift and Joel Little also produced the track, with the latter also playing many of the instruments (drums, guitar, keyboard and synthesizer) heard throughout the song.
  • Swift confirmed the release of “Me!” to ABC newscaster Robin Roberts during the NFL Draft on 25 April 2019. But Tay Tay had been teasing the release of this track using cryptic messages since 13 April 2019. Moreover a billboard sponsored by Spotify in London began bigging up the song even before Swift announced it to Robin Roberts.
  • “ME!” was the first single Tay Tay released since “Look What You Made Me Do”, which dropped on 25 August 2017.
  • This song is the first fresh material Swift released in 2019. It is also her first song to be released since she left Big Machine Records in 2018.

Is this Taylor Swift’s first collabo with Brendon Urie?

This romantic track is Swift’s first ever collaboration with Brendon. Both artists (especially Brendon Urie) went on to express mutual appreciation for having the opportunity to work together. Indeed Urie is a known fan of Taylor Swift and has covered a couple of her songs in the past.

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