Mimi Webb’s “24/5” Lyrics Meaning

The title of this song (“24/5”) is actually a contracted spelling of 24 hours, 5 days a week. And what that concept is meant to allude to in this context is the addressee of the song, i.e. the vocalist’s ex, having been good for most of the week, but once the weekend hit he transformed into a toxic lover. Of course in the grand scheme of the lyrics, that is a metaphorical idea. But either way, it is never actually expounded on in the song.

In fact as presented therein, what the title would more logically allude to is being representative of the vocalist’s post-relationship endurance, if you will. Most simply explained, this is one of those songs where the singer and the person she is singing to have broken up alright. But in the aftermath, she is finding it virtually impossible to get over him. 

In fact based on her own expressions, it would seem that Mimi and her ex did have their fair share of beefs, but at the end of the day she still found “pleasure in the pain”. So what this all really reads like is the sentiments of someone who may have approved of terminating a romance when such was actually transpiring but has now realized that maybe they took it too far in that regard.

Mimi Webb and “24/5”

Mimi Webb is a singer from the UK, Canterbury to be exact. And this track is the third single from her debut studio album, a product of Epic Records, which is entitled “Seven Shades of Heartbreak”.

Mimi’s discography only dates back to 2020, thus making her a newbie on the scene. And thus far the first two singles released from the aforementioned album, 2021’s “Good Without” and “Dumb Love”, both proved to be moderate hits, with the former being certified gold across the pond. 

And as for “24/5”, it has also managed to break the top 30 of the UK Singles Chart.

The director of this track’s music video is Samuel Douek. And the song was officially released on 10 September 2021.

Mimi Webb wrote this piece alongside Sam Merrifield and the track’s producer, Freedo. And for the record, she is 21 years old as of the dropping of this track.

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